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Merry Christmas Eve, and welcome to your holiday entertainment!

Please make your predictions for holiday drama below. I will be giving out prizes.
SethGreene531 · M Best Comment
It will start with a squabble over sage or savory in the stuffing. Meanwhile, the turkey will be forgotten, and a small kitchen fire will break out.
Annoying Uncle Ned and his YELLOW string bean casserole will arrive, just as firefighters and hoses pour into the tiny kitchenette.

What remains is sodden, sooty place settings, and a soggy Christmas feast for 8.
itsok · 31-35, F
@itsok 😆 LOL Thank you, I appreciate it

Hope your xmas turned out better.😅


Punxi · 26-30, F
Those who gift me today will discover I'm holiday coin broke in my return, hence I'll drink and ruminate that I can't even manage a virtual budget. 😟🥃
itsok · 31-35, F
@Punxi well you thought of me, and I’m very thankful. Spread some more cheer from me ☺️
Punxi · 26-30, F
@itsok 🙂.... virtual or otherwise.... that's...making my cheeks hurt. 🙂 In a way that leaves me ( of all people)... speechless. Your kindness. Prolly never forget it anytime soon. Thank you It's. Speechless. ❤️
Pfuzylogic · M
You can’t help but have drama when someone is hotdogging in front of you!🎅
BlueVeins · 22-25
I'm going to say something very sexual and make you scared 🥰
itsok · 31-35, F
@BlueVeins can’t wait ☺️
@BlueVeins subscribing so I don't miss it when you do. 😌
Degbeme · 70-79, M
I`ll find out I`m allergic to something and my head will swell up so much that giant Santa hat won`t fit me. 😱
itsok · 31-35, F
@Degbeme you’ll swell up so much that you get STUCK in the hat. and the fire department is called to cut it off you. And you make a miraculous recovery. What is it that you were allergic to? Christmas itself?
Degbeme · 70-79, M
@itsok Wife. 😬
itsok · 31-35, F
@Degbeme be nice to your wife, she already has to put up with so much from you
@itsok That's just cruel ....
itsok · 31-35, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds that’s the spirit 😌 🤶 🌲
@itsok * gives pretty decorative sugar cookies *
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
Corn girl returns for Christmas dinner
itsok · 31-35, F
@AntisocialTroll I’ll bring the butter
@AntisocialTroll 💀💀💀
AlienFox · F
None for me. Christmas morning with my son, then he’s got family stuff on his dad’s side so I’ll be smoking weed and ignoring the world excited it’ll be over soon.
Magenta · F
Victim mentality cries about not receiving enough gifts and calls it harassment and abuse.
itsok · 31-35, F
@Magenta I’ve seen one of those! Complaining about his mom not getting him what he wanted
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
A blushing violets drama about who's received the most unwanted penis spam?
itsok · 31-35, F
@PhilDeep it’s gonna be you!
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
@itsok Not likely, though within about a day of joining here some chap sent me a shot of his chest in a brassiere and wondered if I were interested.
I will find out that I'm pregnant and you're the father 😮
itsok · 31-35, F
@SW-User are we naming it Jesus Nicholas BotsokGod?
@itsok IttyBittySandwichTitties 👀
itsok · 31-35, F
@SW-User they’re gonna outgrow that and never find their name on pencils at the souvenir shop 🙄
The most annoying will probably be disrespect and victim blaming for the poor and disabled, arguing to put short-term economy before anything else (public health, security and even long-term economy), and the lamest jokes they can think of.
itsok · 31-35, F
@NerdyPotato sounds like an accurate prediction 😒
@itsok yep, it already came true. 🥲
pride49 · 26-30, M
I predict my aunt will come to the Christmas Eve party drunk, upset because everyone hates her daughter and son and law because they weaseled 90,000 dollars out of the farms insurance company after he fell". They also called child services for other family members etc. On grandma's birthday she came all drunk in a fit because her daughter and son in law put a bunch of shit into her head. I wonder if she will be there this time. Cause everyone does hate her daughter and son in law for the crap they pulled or ... They just won't show up
itsok · 31-35, F
@pride49 now THIS is the drama
pride49 · 26-30, M
@itsok yep and our insurance company dropped us now we don't get discounts on farm related items
Keeper · M
Someone will steal my chef's hat causing me to not be able to cook dinner for the holidays or the Dallas Cowboys game.
@Keeper I think the thief was either @itsok or that esds guy. 😅
itsok · 31-35, F
@Keeper I have a backup chef hat for you, what a coincidence!
That's what she said 😂
itsok · 31-35, F
@PiecingBabyFaceTogether hi piecy wiecy
@itsok Hi babe 😌
itsok · 31-35, F
Merry Christmas Eve to you, my beautiful friend. 🖤🤗
syskokidd · 31-35, M
Merry Christmas :) Cheers!!
itsok · 31-35, F
@syskokidd merry Christmas!
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
What? 🤣
itsok · 31-35, F
@SarithBorn you heard me!
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
@itsok 😅

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