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Watching Bullwinkle

Gosh I forgot how much I love this cartoon. lol
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
All time classic! In fact I graduated from Whatsamatter U!!!
The works of the Jay Ward studios are still funny. Many of the jokes and puns went over my head as a kid. George of the Jungle, Super Chicken, and Tom Slick are also from them.
DocSavage · M
I’m a fan of Super Chicken as well.
Can’t have too many puns
Francesca · F
lol I love super chicken. I forgot that one too!@DocSavage
1490wayb · 56-60, M
you are too young to remember bullwinkle and rocky haha
Francesca · F
I watched it as a kid, Idk if it was reruns or not...? But I really enjoyed it as a young child.....ty tho <3 @1490wayb
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Rocky and ...?
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
@Francesca haven't watched it in years... Good cold war humour lol, definitely for adults lol
Francesca · F
Some of those jokes I never got as a kid, I just liked the characters, watching as an adult some of it blows my mind. Cracks me up.@ozgirl512
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
@Francesca it's interesting when you look at it from a cultural point of view..Boris Badenoch .... Russian villan, but easily outsmarted ...
Dshhh · M
eeeny meeany chilly beany
Francesca · F
Laughing xxxx @Dshhh
Dshhh · M
@Francesca there4 is a lot of it on Youtube, and more by that same crew
chuck7882 · 61-69, M
Rocky, Natasha, and Boris are all great too! lol
Justsimple · 46-50, M
Im not sure if i know him

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