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i love how when there is a sex scene in a show or movie

how they always hop off each other going on about their business, acting like there is no cum gushing out of that coochie.
FairydustF Best Comment

SkeetSkeet100+, F
I've trained my roast beef to hold the jizz in
LordShadowfire46-50, M
@SkeetSkeet Little mayo on that sandwich? 馃槅馃槅馃槅
Or have sex on waking up despite the dog breath and last night genitals 馃あ
deadgerbil22-25, F
@InfoTunaBotGod ikr, like how to they just wake up and start eating each other's faces 馃樂
tell me you鈥檙e a nun without telling me ur a nun. @deadgerbil @InfoTunaBotGod
deadgerbil22-25, F
@deathfairy I just have a sense of smell 馃樂
Magnolia2118-21, F
Real sex involves a towel, a significant chance of at least two muscle cramps, laundry, and awkward fiddling with protection.
bhatjc46-50, M
@Magnolia21 Very true馃槒
vetguy199151-55, M
Movie sex is dry sex
*high class porn* @vetguy1991
bhatjc46-50, M
@vetguy1991 We need the hard core stuff
bhatjc46-50, M
@deathfairy It's not good porn at all.
deadgerbil22-25, F
he鈥檚 all packed up and ready to go. @TheStarsareout
deadgerbil22-25, F
@TheStarsareout that makes me all wet and greasy
TheStarsareout56-60, M
@deadgerbil you lucky girl
Degbeme70-79, M
.... or still dripping out of him. 馃き
Allelse31-35, M
Or they just go back at it without the fact that he'll be pounding sloppy seconds, I cant stand the over romanticizing of sex.
TheStarsareout56-60, M
Who wants to see that anyway lol
calicuz51-55, M
Or roll over like there's no wet spot. 馃ぃ
bhatjc46-50, M
Very true. Or that their clothes are untouched
Maybe he wore a condom.. 馃槒

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