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why does it seem like bars/restaurants on these shows lack simple common sense?

i'm watching Bar Rescue and it's basically the bar/pub version of kitchen nightmares. i'm wondering how the bars/restaurants get so bad or how the owners are that blind/deluded. sometimes i think even i can run a bar better than them using common sense alone. :O
MethDozer · M
Think of it this way. The show comes and rehabs the places into one of these over-the-top, over-priced, niche clientel, fad themed restaurants. They spend a shit ton of influencing dollars to get a big opening day rush and give them a loyal clientel that gets excited about being restaurant fads. Business is great for about 5 years while the fad and "theme" is popular but then the next one comes around and the place is dead again

It's just that most od these places were going for that fickle foodie fad crowd and adopted the latest popular fad when it doesn't work that way and you need to be a one of these traveling goon chefs/managers to know what stupid chochkies on the wall or dystopian aestehtic pairs with which silly new vegetables from some unknown corner of the globe or latest bar food that's ben reninveted by adding Nitrate free bacon and buffalo cheese for the next 5-6 years.
Oneofthestormboys · 51-55, M
I used to love watching the Gordon Ramsay ones, but then I found out that a lot of it was staged and 99% of them went out of business anyway. I’ve worked in both sorts of places, and they can be the owner’s vanity project. It’s tough to be successful in catering, and the ones who make it have to sacrifice a lot of themselves including their personal taste…
bugeye · 26-30, F
@Oneofthestormboys i wasn't surprised to find out most of em go out of business, particularly when thay say they are like 50-100k in debt :O
Oneofthestormboys · 51-55, M
@bugeye Ouch. That’s a lot of pizzas eh?
Ynotisay · M
There's a lot to running a restaurant or bar. Just remember that what you're seeing is there for a reason. There's very little "reality" when it comes to reality-based television.
bugeye · 26-30, F
@Ynotisay yeah, i know it's edited and dramatized but there are places that are that bad. :O
Ynotisay · M
@bugeye There definitely are bad businesses. But yeah. It's pumped up. They're doing those shows for a reason. My ex-wife was on a reality cooking show and she said it's SO not representative of the reality. She wasn't prepared. I don't know why anyone would do those things. :)
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
that's most of them in general these days

I'm especially amused by the ones with mask mandates; apparently they believe there is some kind of magical barrier between the register and the seating area that prevents people from breathing the same air... 🙄
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Because they do. I doubt that part is made up. Many times, a new place will succeed by virtue of the fact that it's new. Inept management usually kills it right after(if under-capitalization does not). As a gigging musician, I have played in restaurants/clubs for years. Very few have any idea about promotion, social media, etc. It's a miracle that 90% of them are open.
BlueHorizon · 22-25, M
I think it's staged to be that bad, they earn money and the people who make the show get views it's a win-win. Though in the slim chance that it isn't then wow.. some people are just yeah...
Dshhh · M
it is often faked up. many of the "reality tv shows" have pre planned stuff
from what i have seen?
ALL of those plcaes would be out of business

oh, I manage 2 bars,, so I got some tread here

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