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I have schizo affective type bipolar

Realized a few days ago there's names for most of the delusions I've had. Definitely a mental case. It just sucks cuz my family is not supportive at all about it. The abuse just continues. Like getting choked out and almost having my neck broke. That level of shit. I know I need to leave here. Probably going to end up moving to Missouri in the next couple years after I get a bunch of shit paid off. Cuz, my brother and dad are making my problems worse. I've definitely realized I'm starting to get more violent and I don't want to be like that. If rather kill myself before I'd ever go off and kill someone else.
RedGrizzly · 26-30, F
First off, if they're assaulting you, call the cops and press charges. IDC if it was your grandma, you're letting them get away with being abusive towards you. Doing so, they're probably going to treat someone else like that as well since they have no consequences.
Second, mustard seed is right, it's not safe there and finding a place to lay your head down at night, even if it's on a friend's couch is better than having to deal with that. You know their capable of being violent with you so what other shit would they pull to hinder your efforts? You say it'll take you two years, not if your paying medical expenses, that's a long time to be walking on eggshells and hoping they don't put you to the ER or you having an episode and things getting hairy.
I hope you’re able to stay in a safe environment till your move. 😔
parasiteandhost · 31-35, F
@Colonelmustardseed thank you. I shouldn't of came back here when I moved out. I was promised it would be different and it wasn't. So I'm just going to go to a new state.

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