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Any tips???

Any others out there with tips?:( the moment I feel a weird or different sensation in my body I’m convinced that The worst is gonna happen....It’s almost as though I live in fear for my health every day and I’m always so worried....
Johnblackthorn · 56-60, M
Humans are incredibly resilient things unfortunately we're full of nerve endings that lie about stuff, for example a graze is more painful than a deep cut, banging your knuckles is painful, doing it in the cold is 10 times more painful,there'sno reason for that.
My wife was lightly running her fingers over my back and my back muscles started making a light high frequency vibration in response to her touch that we could both feel.
Our bodies feel a lot more than we know and a lot of it is dealt with subconsciously the rest we think is important but it rarely is.
Learn to relax and stop worrying, life is too short and has too much to offer.
Mindful · 56-60, F
@Johnblackthorn I agree with this post
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Hate to sound like a modern day ‘Kellogg’ but spend time outside !
Fresh air and exercise does more good for your well-being than 18 hours in front of a screen !
Mindful · 56-60, F
Recognize it’s fear and apprehension. It’s natural but sounds like you haven’t recognized it as such, that it’s normal. Write, and follow advice listed here.
Londonn · 36-40, M
exercise.. weights and cardio.. you will start trusting your health

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