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Friends that have a sell-by date: a rant

Some people are built for friendships and some go sour over time

My friend was my life, I cared deeply and made every effort to support and stand by her every time she needed me.

The second I needed help. She was like the roadrunner! Couldn’t see her for dust! 😅

Now she’s gone for good, one of her little drama head trips making her blow up shit that she thinks is about her-I call BS and say it is her making excuses as she was turning sour for a while, she denies it but the history is there with her. She is a selfish user with no moral and a narcissistic personality

I felt grieving when she blocked - now I feel relief I won’t be her personal therapist/taxi driver/ loan officer and plus one anymore 😅
MarkPaul · 26-30, M
Yeah, it's best to purge toxic relationships... even those we once held dear.

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