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Anyone else in need of some 'Sexual Healing'?

Poll - Total Votes: 47
1) Yes, I am in desperate need of SEXUAL HEALING right now! I don't get enough!
2) Yes, I need SEXUAL HEALING right now, but I have a different problem ...I get too much!
3) I am only in slight need of Sexual Healing
4) I have no need for any Sexual Healing, my sex life is perfect right now
5) I don't really like sex so no need for me
6) Let's see? have a need and I have a need? bout if we help each other?
7) FEMALE: I know what you mean ...mine doesn't lick itself either :)
8) MALE: Hey, you're not the only one with something that doesn't lick itself
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...or am I all alone again? ...just wondering


Storyteller4u2 · 61-69, M
In need of intensive care with a long term treatment plan with individualized personal service.
Coralmist · 41-45, F
To say I need sexual healing would be an understatement 🥺🫣💓
HumanEarth · 56-60, F
Nope, still married, Wife says hi

Laurie we go all the back to our days on GAG. Remember when GAG banned me.

Its all @Guardian fault. I blame him.
laurieluvsit · 26-30, F
Hi! ...Yes, they are the ones that need the sexual healing badly
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
Spent a half hour to forty five minutes in therapy yesterday discussing it.
laurieluvsit · 26-30, F
Hope it helps
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
@laurieluvsit Brought it out in the open for discussion. Long story of repressed feelings.
laurieluvsit · 26-30, F
So sorry. It shouldn't have been that way.
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laurieluvsit · 26-30, F
Well, I do have medical training
@laurieluvsit I see that from your cheeky pics 😜 I'd let you if you were a bricklayer your mmmmmmm Morish yum 👌💋
@laurieluvsit little cheeky message for you in your inbox 👌😜
Guardian · 56-60, M
The problem with being hypersexual is that you're ALWAYS in need of sexual healing!
1490wayb · 56-60, M
its been years and even decades without for some of us😭
beaglehunter · 70-79, M
if that means getting laid YES
Montanaman · M
Can I leave my Hat On? 😎
Teslin · M
Yes, Yes I do !!
JohnnyNoir · 56-60, M
beaglehunter · 70-79, M
laurie when all else fails self medication will help😇
laurieluvsit · 26-30, F
I am only holistic of which there are many approaches, but thank you for the tip :)
JustaBuddy · 41-45, M
Not desperate...but could always use some healing
uncalled4 · 56-60, M
Everyone needs some Marvin in their life, healing or not.

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