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I haven't really slept the past fews days and I feel zombified.

Between the lack of sleep, a persistent cough and whatever the heck happened last night it's safe to say I feel zombielike. Last night I ended up throwing up repeatedly and the nausea didn't really fade away. Normally throwing up takes care of that detail. I have a feeling the pizza did me in. I also had the chills at one point during the night.

The strange part of it all would have to be seeing things. It probably stems from lack of sleep as that makes the most sense. I woke up feeling exhausted and I thought I saw something that resembled a butterfly with dark red ember glowing wings flying near my bed. I tried to get my eyes to focus on it but it ended up disappearing. I never saw that or anything else materialize.

I'm still slightly nauseated and it appears someone cooked something as it smells like warm canned tuna around here. That smell isn't helping one bit. I suppose I better get up and get moving before I get lectured on how there's no freeloading around here. I can already hear my dad say "you aren't going to lay around all day it's either get a job and contribute or go to school." I got that same talk after I graduated because he didn't like me taking time to figure things out. He'd knock on my door and say "get up you aren't going to be a bum all summer." I suppose I best not be a bum.
PoetryNEmotion · 61-69, F
Sounds like covid. Lack of sleep causes hallucinations. Rest. You will likely sleep when it hits you. Nothing wrong with resting. Dads never knew how. Not taught. That is why many died from heart attacks and strokes and not old age. Maybe you need a sleeping aid? Or flu meds? They tend to knock people out too. Follow the instructions. Be safe.
Khenpal1 · M
a good heavy SOUP will cure it.

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