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I feel like I am in a bad place nowadays

Realistically I'm probably not because I'm searching for jobs and studying for school, but I'm just feeling exactly like I did in the past. Not good enough at anything at all to deserve a single job. Sure, I kinda know how to program and engineer a processor. I kinda know how to create data structures and algorithms. I kinda know how to create servers and handle data flow kinda efficiently. Yeah I kinda know how to work math well. Sure, I kinda know how to model physical systems as solvable mathematical problems. Sure I kinda know IT. But what the f!ck does it matter when it's all just "kinda"? I'm just a kid in an adult man's body getting drunk to forget about his inevitable demise 馃尲馃悵
Gusman56-60, M
Someone will give you a start and that is where you will build on your already vast knowledge.
So many of us started out really knowing nothing and had to start from scratch.
ie, when I started my Fitting and Machining apprenticeship I knew nothing about what was required.
As the years went by, I listened and learnt.
You have self taught yourself so much that you will not be starting from a blank position.
Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and you will go very far Martin.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
@Gusman I've always known those words but felt like I'll be made an example of by the universe that not everyone gets what they need. Thank you, though. It helps a little to hear it from you.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
@Gusman One major flaw of mine is that I do not have the confidence, nor is there any reason why I should
Gusman56-60, M
@MartinTheFirst The majority of people who start out in life are not confident.
Confidence comes from doing.
Look at what you have achieved thus far, mostly on your own.
Web sites, is it Quaid Art,? your anime skills, your cooking skills, your carpentry skills, your music skills, your electronic skills.
Yes, you are selling yourself short. Stand back, look at what you can do, have done and want to do.
Be proud of yourself and go for your dreams.
kimmy15931-35, F
When you鈥檙e kinda good at some things, it鈥檚 already a head start compared to a lot of people ;p
I鈥檓 also just kinda good at a bunch of stuff. We make great managers over time lol
Harlow26-30, F
You鈥檙e kinda overthinking this. Don鈥檛 be so hard on yourself. You鈥檙e going to do great things. 馃
starmitz51-55, F
Keep forging ahead and one day all that knowledge will culminate and you will be King 馃憫馃槢. be a compassionate one
You're way more skilled than other people... Mm the opportunities.. Will come with time don't lose faith. Hugs.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
@Gaiia 馃ズ I'll lose faith at times 馃ズ but God will refill me with hope. My God is the only reason why I can find the strength to carry on 馃槥

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