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I feel like this place resembles vanity.

Take it from Martika- “[c=7700B2]
We all fall down like toy soldiers” [/c]

I feel like most people here just pretend to be perfect. No one is a rebel, rebels fall one day too. I wish more here would open up and stop portraying themselves as invincible. This is the reason I like to use other sites but it seems most people on social media are vain. Sorry to say that but one day we will all hit the grave and turn into bones.

And I have to act fake myself just to survive being on this site.
Perfection is one thing I'll never claim. My ego is in check and my heart is humble. I speak about the not so pretty parts of my life, and not for attention, but in hopes they can help someone. For the life of me, i can't understand the need for fandom on the internet, or the whole validation thing . I'd rather be a misfit vs a cliquey chick.

You did describe the [big]biggest[/big] portion of this site though. Gag me!
It’s not friends or non friends. I’m saying that “most” people here seem to act fake. It gets boring after a while. I keep waiting for this site to attract more people that are interesting and not snobby but that’s not happening. It’s fine, I’m going to enjoy life offline more and more. @MoonlightLullaby
@ChangeYourDestiny I won't hold my breath on that one😉
@MoonlightLullaby now I have soo much shiiit to do today and no time to care about sw. Haha,
LilPrincess · 41-45, F
Oh i might be a lot of of things but perfect isn't one of them. I do a lot of dumb stuff, make poor choices, Im kind of a hillbilly and have a temper like an F5 tornado but all the stuff i do makes

Am I invincible...foock no but i have been beaten and shot at, all most thankful to still be here
I’m sorry you’ve been through hell. We have that in common. I’ve been abused by some very ruthless people in my life. They are gone now and I’m happy about that. I hate to even remember the many mistakes I’ve made. @LilPrincess
LilPrincess · 41-45, F
@ChangeYourDestiny im sorry for all you have been through. Im glad yours are gone.
Coralmist · 36-40, F
Its like my favorite author said, "No one has met another human being." Because whether conscious, or subconsciously sometimes, the EGO is always there, she said. Comparing, labeling, naming, wanting.....and when we drop the "I" , we can stop suffering. I just love her works and books. Such a true post, thanks Destiny.
@Coralmist exactly and that’s why I left FB. I couldn’t stand seeing the same show offs. They actually just show how boring they are too me.
Coralmist · 36-40, F
@ChangeYourDestiny Its like I love FB in general if people share a puppy video or a beautiful quote. But its a lot of look at my every meal, every move, vacay etc. 🙁 I wish people could enjoy their life but not think they need to post EVERY moment lol.
I was sick of seeing my cousins taking the same pictures in weddings wearing those stupid ball gowns and smiling to them camera. @Coralmist
Tinkles · 31-35, F
I see it more like a race to be the biggest victim, whilst attacking anyone who they perceive as a smaller victim than themselves
@Tinkles Yep that's what I see too.
Leap frogging over each other to be the biggest one. Thing is this place won't fix the core issue, especially when others just throw sympathy at it. It kinda just exaggerates it all and makes a place to wallow.
@Fragmented People should also be more self aware of the ones constantly stating "I'll dm you" in the comments.
That says everything about their character and who wants a friend like that?! Little gossip queens 😏
@MoonlightLullaby Yep! I see that too "sent you a message". You know exactly it's all about spreading rumors or gossiping.

Lotta people could take heed.
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
I don't feel comfortable being vulnerable here but I am vain outside of here too
@PepsiColaP you are vain or act it?
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
@ChangeYourDestiny I'm definitely vain in some ways but that vanity adds meaning to my life so to me is no big deal existentially
@PepsiColaP enjoy the vanity young lady 🤞
You hit the nail on that.
Everyone's a victim, poor me. Like a competition.
Oster1 · M
My word! You are so right and so wise!!!
Thank you oster and so are you 😇👍🏼@Oster1
Oster1 · M
@ChangeYourDestiny 🤗😘🌹
Oster1 · M
Fuzzle · 46-50
Lol, are we on the same site?
What do you mean ? @Fuzzle
Fuzzle · 46-50
@ChangeYourDestiny A lot of people here admit how dysfunctional they are
True friend @GeistInTheMachine
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
I am a rebel. That doesn't mean I am perfect or can't fall.
Nobody is perfect... anyone can see that here. lol

If you're acting fake to stay on a site... I'd suggest giving that some more thought.
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
Have you been to my page 🤣

I just let all my crap out and don’t pretend anything. My posts about my health and myself read like this:

I agree though, some are that way.
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
@ChangeYourDestiny You’re always so nice to me 💖.

I am just not good at being fake. So I just lay it all out.
@iamonfire696 that’s a blessing, you don’t want to be fake because you’re loved for the genuine soul you have. 💐
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
@ChangeYourDestiny Thank you 💖. You’re so lovely. You deserve all the good things.

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