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It’s overwhelming having to stay silent.

It’s been barely days since he broke up with me, and I am just frustrated because I know I could have done better. Be better, but all the mis-communication we had.

I miss him, so deeply, like. I still talk to him, but it hurts not being able to show my affection. I love him. So damn much.

He did say we could be back together after healing a bit after our bad arguments we had in our relationship.

But I just wished he could’ve told me sooner, even if I am angry, irritating, anything. Just told me, something, anything.

I love him and I want to be better for us.

I want to tell him everything, I want to fix us, I want to help him and become a good couple. I want him.
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
ArtieKat · M
I hate to be brutal when you're in such pain but I've always found (from bitter experience sometimes) that there's a reason for rows which lead to a bust-up. Without wishing to sound patronising but you are still young enough to start again.
[quote]He did say we could be back together after healing a bit [/quote] If you're going to get back together then the time is now. Being apart now simply means you'll grow further apart. Use this time to learn how to love yourself.
Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
How does he feel about that?
Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
@Wolfn1x Lack of communication I see
Wolfn1x · 18-21, F
@Desertteddesert That's right
Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
@Wolfn1x Can't blame him for having you on hold for em
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Desertteddesert · 26-30, M
@jshm2 What can u do for me?
Wolfn1x · 18-21, F
@jshm2 For wanting to fix it? we both had our wrongings, and it doesn't make me crazy to look it on a perspective where there could be a possibility to do us both right.

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