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I feel hated and used

I think everyone dislikes me or that maybe I give off bad vibes. I don’t talk much but I do try to socialise and help if people needed them. I feel like I’m a used garbage. After people used me, I get thrown away. I feel used at home, college and even my workplace. There’s no safe place for me to cry quietly except in the bathroom.

My emotions kept piling up until my hand is shaky so I stop my work for a bit and search for website that I can vent to. I don’t tell anyone about my emotions except for my boyfriend. He is kind and understanding but he also have a lot on his plate. Not everything is about me so I want to listen to him too so I came here to vent and let it out.

Sometimes people went home and only I’m the only one who stay to clean up and get left behind. Sometimes I get shout at just because I’m an easier target. Sometimes people cut me off because I’m boring and don’t know how to have fun. I don’t have social anxiety since I can talk to anyone, I just don’t like crowded space or walking in groups but that makes me look like a loner.

If I feel sad or angry, I just take a nap that’s my routine. If I still feel upset after taking a nap, I will tell my boyfriend what’s on my mind. But this week I didn’t tell him what happen so he won’t be worried about me. I’m so tired, even after I wake up I still feel tired. I should go take another nap after I finish my work. Thank you to those who are reading this.
Gusman · 56-60, M
Ask your doctor for antidepressants. They slow the mind down and give you a rest from fighting with yourself.
They allow you to sleep which is sorely needed.
Venting online exposes you to negative people who want to bring you down. As the previous poster shows.
Still come here to vent, just block all the negative commenters.
When I was really down I would write it down. Not think about what to write, just pick up a pen and write what ever comes out.
Do not read what you write because that will put it back in your mind.
Ardel · 18-21
@Gusman True, I don’t wanna feel sad until I’m old and feel regret. Well your comment did make me cry right now but I do feel a lot better. Glad to know you Gusman, I’ll make sure to tell my mom when I meet her.
Gusman · 56-60, M
@Ardel Try writing when you are at your saddest.
Writing gets it out of your head, stopping it from going around and around.
I wish you well for the future
Ardel · 18-21
@Gusman I downloaded a diary so I can type if i feel down. Have an awesome day and thank youu
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
well if you ever need a shoulder to vent to, hit me up, i feel you are one like me, and you need a guard dog in your corner
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
@Ardel awesome, while i know you have your BF i hope you can be called on for head pats and belly rubs as well
Ardel · 18-21
@DiegoWolfe Yes that would be nice, I’m sure he won’t mind, he does love dogs and puppies
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
@Ardel -tail wags- YAY!!!!
KA9ha · 26-30, M
absolute bullshit and incorrect thinking and underdeveloped attitude
Ardel · 18-21
@KA9ha Amuse me sir and tell me the correct ways
Ardel · 18-21
@KA9ha Ermm nvm you’re just a pervert

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