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What is your current obsession?

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GrinNude · 61-69, C
@TAReturns Do you find it more thrilling to give? Or to receive?
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GrinNude · 61-69, C
@TAReturns I still get spanked - mostly for foreplay. Lol Birdie
My website bought in AI writing since I last logged in - so I keep playing with that.

I want to see how well it works within my genre so that all I have to do is edit posts and add my pictures.

So far, I played with the pictures and came up with a creepy pair of feet for Feet...

Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@HootyTheNightOwl cool, not cool lol
Fluffybull · F
My elephant collection 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘😍
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@Fluffybull Elephants are beautiful creatures 😍
Fluffybull · F
@Starsaligned They're so intelligent! 👏👏🐘❤️
PinkMoon · 26-30, F
The Golden Girls
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@PinkMoon LOVE that show!
Not losing my marbles.

Fear of losing control
XxEllaxRawrxX · 13-15
this site now that im out of the loony bin >:3 if kitsunex isn't on here still im bouta go back istg
Disposal · 36-40, M
Sparkling spring water with orange and mango fruit in it
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@Disposal mmmmmm
HumanEarth · 56-60, F
Hunting down igniting points for 1930s and 1940s tractors

shinyplasticlove · 51-55, M
My very large camera and camcorder collection.
Blondily · F
The show Bridgerton
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@Blondily I've wanted to warch that for so long
Blondily · F
@Starsaligned check it out on Netflix season 3 part 2 is on Thursday! 😃
jackson55 · M
Old motorcycles
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@jackson55 restoring one?
jackson55 · M
@Starsaligned Not now. But I’ve done several.
BLP11520 · 61-69, M
Trying new bourbon and rye
Hiking, a hot nurse, coffee, etc
Building a marble run from UGears.
MirandaPanda · 41-45, F
Clint Eastwood movies
audiophile sonics.
sam1992 · 31-35, M
Her eyes 😊
Arantxa · 18-21, F
curiousaboy · 26-30, M
earning money
JustDJ76 · 46-50, M
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
It's been a while since I had one.
LilRedGod · 31-35, M
Food and playing Pokemon! 🤣
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
Sleeping more than 6 hours
Workerbee · 31-35, M
For now getting my money up
Starsaligned · 46-50, F
@Workerbee good for you! 💰
Workerbee · 31-35, M
@Starsaligned ehh it took me too long, I wish I had this mindset much much sooner..

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