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Have you ever fallen asleep in a recliner in front of the TV?

How did you do it. Those things aren't that comfortable.
GunFinger · F
Plenty of times in my dad's chair. I could spend overnight there.
Degbeme · 70-79, M
I sleep in my recliner. I haven`t been in my bed in months.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
@Degbeme Bad back?
meggie · F
Yes in a white comfortable old armchair a few times a week. I have amazing dreams in that chair and always fall asleep.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
All that comfort Depends on the recliner. Some are very comfortable. You can go to sleep in one if it is the right size for you and lays back far enough. I have gone to sleep a lot of times in my recliner chair.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Mine very comfortable, lesson learned always put a back-up battery in it in case of power failure
Musicman · 61-69, M
On far more than one occasion. It is super easy.
Wallflow3r · 26-30, F
You have to be an old man, that is the requirement.
Gangstress · 41-45, F
Can i fall asleep sitting on the floor with my legs crossed 😅
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
@Gangstress I've always been curious about people who can do that. My Dad used to fall asleep whilst kneeling on his meditation stool. My brothers and I used to dare each other to see who could tip him over. 😅
Gangstress · 41-45, F
@Thevy29 i hope one of you did manage to 😅
I dont even know how it happens
I wake up like oh no i fell asleep 😴 😅
Yep. I can fall asleep practically [i]anywhere,[/i] except in bed.
NeuroticByNature · 41-45, F
Recliner? No. Couch? Oh yeah! Many times.
4meAndyou · F
It's usually a shock to me if and when that happens. It's more like passing out than falling asleep.
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calicuz · 51-55, M
Yes, plenty of times, just not lately, I don't have a recliner.
Or on a hard chair at my desk, studying. Best rest ever!🤷🏻‍♂️
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
When I can manage to sleep in the chair of Economy class, then yea
Fertilization · 36-40, F
Not really.

That’s too uncomfortable 🥴

I mean even if I was in front of a TV, there would be a nagging voice inside my head until I am in my bed.
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
I have, but not in a very long time.
TexChik · F
I haven't in so many years
Wizardry · 46-50, M
Yes when feeling very tired

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