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Hey friends, do you have toxic people in your family !? 馃ズ i dare you to say the truth 馃槕

even if its real ,remember ,you are not alone ,move on and dont stop right there waiting them to change because they won't , you change and get yourself out of this comfort zone ,because the world is so wonderful outhere waiting for you to live it and feel it happily 馃挋馃樆馃尫馃槉馃尫
Raaii18-21, F
I've plenty of those
It's just hard
as a younger member of family
I always wonder why m past generation elders are so biased
I don't understand their reasons
I always try to make them happy
It's hard to always obey
I just try to do what's my duty
But I've no other way
And I guess it's not just me
Still sometimes I feel all alone
Yes these so called relatives just make me sick
They'll be the happiest if I die
Even an enemy will feel bad when someone die but these blood relatives will be rejoiced if I suffer
It's hard to be strong
It has always been lik tht since I was small
Most of the time I'll think it's all my mistake
I loved them
Now I just want them to leave me
No hope for change
They'll not let me leave
They like to take away everything from me
I jst wnt to feel some shame md leave olse
exita26-30, F
@Raaii ohhh my dear friend iam so sorry for what you have been through 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
me too i felt the same and still ,
i found it fair to share those thoughts together ,believe ut and try our best to do it in real , maybe someone was waiting to hear those words to make his decision or to know that he is not alone and try to move on ...
just put yourself first and your study ..
let them go ,ignore them big time .dont let them take your happiness away from you馃馃挋
Raaii18-21, F
@exita [i] truly
It has been years at this point
It was a hell childhood
I'm in twenties
I also deserve a descent no toxic life[/i]
I now think otherwise
Like how miserable they must be to hate their own children or grandchildren
It's not good
So they've some real problems
must be bigger than me
And they just take take their frustration out on me
I'm always there for them whenever they'll need but yes I'm not ignoring my life
I'll continue my education and all I hope it'll be a better outcome for me
Wish you best of luck too
exita26-30, F
@Raaii yes truely ,you are so right 馃馃挋
yes go on and be yourself and dont lose yourself for them ,be strong 馃馃挋馃樆馃尫
Indeed I do. I don't talk to my family and I'm moving away as soon as I can
Yep. The only family member (other than my children) that I still talk with is my cousin.
i do. i hate my life, my mom always beats me up, and my father always backs her up
IamBack31-35, M
I wish I had that positive outlook but thank you for sharing :)
exita26-30, F
@IamBack you are welcome 馃槉
Of course. When the successful use the losers it's a family.
Queendragonfly31-35, F
Well spoken truth 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
exita26-30, F
@Queendragonfly Thank you 馃樆鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 yes indeed
Yes 3 of them are, by marriage.
Thanks for this ... 馃┓
BLP1152061-69, M
My wife is a Karen
Kinda of all of them.

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