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Questioning my sexuality.

I think i might like this boy, but im straight (i think?), me and him hang out a lot and we have a lot in common! Hes one of my bestfriends, i feel upset and scared that i like him because my family is very religious and i dont think they would support me. He makes me feel things i dont usually feel for girl's, its love but its different, i talked to an ex about it and she told me to figure myself out and to talk to him more and spend time with him to figure this stuff out, but im too shy to go near him sometimes, What do i do?
Blitzy · 13-15, T
Give yourself time to think, dont force yourself to go near him if you dont want to or that'll just make you chicken out!! (From experience..) think about how you feel and your thoughts about him, See if your gay, bi, pan, or straight or anything! I believe in u ray :3!
jjustrrayx · 13-15, M
@Blitzy thank you blitzy.

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