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Happy PRIDE Month ! 🏳️‍🌈

As the daughter of a mattied lesbain couple, this is a big deal for my family. This month and everyone I support the rights of the LGBTQIA+ Community. To me its a human & civil rights issue. Im thankful fot thpse who cam before that we can live openly and freely.

Right now, sadly, our rights are ubder attack by Trump, DeSantis & MAGA Republicans. We must fight and defead the hate, bigtory, homophioba &transphobia. There still more work to be done. I will continute to fight to protect LGBTQIA+ Rights!
CountScrofula · 41-45, M Best Comment
Happy pride, I hope your moms are super proud of you <3

Torsten · 36-40, M
how many damn months does this shit go for now? haha seems to be just about every month now
Torsten · 36-40, M
@LeopoldBloom i dont know if there are any gay co workers because again, people keep their shit to themselves. I dont work in a office, there is no photos at desks.
I dont know why this is so hard for you to grasp.
Not everyone feels this idiotic need to share their sexuality with the world
@Torsten You work in an unusual office. Where I work, people know about each others' husbands, wives, and partners. I guess you guys come in just to work and only discuss sports. So you're telling me that you have no idea if any of your co-workers are gay, straight, or trans? Or you just assume they're all straight?
Torsten · 36-40, M
@LeopoldBloom i just told you i dont work in a office and again i will tell you, people keep their shit to themselves. I dont care if they are gay, straight or trans. I have no interest in who they're fucking or what they claim to be. Its work not a social party
[quote]As the daughter of a [b]mattied[/b] lesbain couple, this is a big deal for my family.[/quote]

MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
@SW-User well you're in a good mood today haha
JestAJester · 31-35, M
Maybe at one time i would've accepted it but now, I cannot and will not be an ally. Too many of you have portrayed yourselves as sexual deviants. Kicked, screamed, and spat at anyone who disagrees, brainwashed young people, the list goes on. There is seemingly nothing this community wont do to get what they want.

I acknowledge many of you arent like this, but too many of you have created this horrendous reputation. You wont see me telling you that you cant be gay and whatnot but you also wont see me donning the rainbow.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
SophieSmiles · 18-21, F
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Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
@jshm2 Mind your own business.
wackidywack · 22-25
This was cute lol happy pride
Just because your parents practiced lesbianism doesn't mean you have to accept it. They were misguided. If your parents were KKK members, would you then support the extermination of Blacks? Seek the truth and you will find it.
tenente · 100+, M

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