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Question for those who believe education about and support for LGBTQ+ is harmful...

Can you show me some scientific data on the following?

1) That learning about the existence of these things turns straight children gay or bisexual, or children comfortable with their gender trans?
2) How the researchers determined these kids were 100% straight and comfortable with their gender before they heard about people who are not?
3) How supporting children to be themselves is equally or more harmful than kicking children out of your house, telling them they'll burn in hell and withdrawing your love simply because they don't fit your norms?
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
"Don't force your sexuality on my child. Oh, look! It's my baby boys girlfriend" 🤦‍♀️
@BarbossasHusband that would be great, but I have little hope of that. Or even if they said they simply didn't know what to think about it. But society expects everyone to have an opinion on everything. If you don't have any information, then pick a side based on nothing, but you need to have an opinion.
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
@NerdyPotato toi damn true. It's no longer ok to say "I don't know"
@BarbossasHusband that may be society's biggest problem of all, the root of all other problems.
tennisdad · 41-45, M
If you want scientific data, look down your pants. People are born male or female. Period. The reason you are having such a hard time trying to justify it's not harmful is is. It is not biologically natural to "pretend" to be the opposite sex and expect the world to play "pretend" with you. It's shown to be more of a psychological disorder and the reason why John Hopkins discontinued performing these surgeries and associated procedures related to transgenderism.
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If you want scientific data, look down your pants. People are born male or female. Period.

That part is objectively false. Some people are born with both external sex organs, all people have both male and female hormone levels in various degrees and ratios forming a full spectrum and this causes a similar spectrum on brain structure. Even the extremes of hormone levels and brain structure that are clearly male or female, may be the opposite of what's in someone's pants. If you were to say this is rare, you're absolutely correct. But it does happen, so it's not one way or another, period. It's one or the other most of the time.
@tennisdad but that said, you are correct that this biological mismatch can be very harmful, just like other types of body dysmorphia leading to eating disorders. Thankfully we can fix that nowadays, and on several levels even so nobody gets more than needed. For some people a new set of pronouns is enough, other people can get hormone replacement therapy as an adult so they only have to ride it out until then, and surgery is a final option for people experiencing really severe gender dysphoria.

Another point is that you don't have to understand someone's experience in order to respect and accommodate it, just like you can build wheelchair ramps without knowing what it feels like to be disabled.
Strictmichael75 · 61-69, M
Because they are intolerant and ignorant, so don’t expect a reply to your question
FragileHeart · 22-25, M
They won't answer cause they can't or they just accuse you of being a groomer and share a link to a far right blog post.
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
People who come to their conclusions without evidence can't be convinced otherwise by evidence.
tindrummer · M
can't reason with unreasonable hate
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@LordShadowfire probably, if I unblock some bigots that is. 😅 It looks like there aren't any left who can view my posts.
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