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How many false accusations have others made about you here?

Someone once said @sarabee1995 and I were the same person. It may have actually been on ep... either way I was beyond flattered.
Straylight · 31-35, F
@SooperSarah Me and @SwampFlower were accused of being KaliKali.
@Straylight I don't think I could ever confuse anyone with kalikali.
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
@SooperSarah Lol, I remember that!! I can't remember who it was though. But it was I who was honored in the comparison! You are waaaaaay sexier than I could ever be! 😉
Straylight · 31-35, F
Someone said I was KaliKali. That’s crazy because I think I’d be @GlitterEater if anyone.
BlueVeins · 22-25
I've had someone accuse me of being MarkPaul, someone accusing me of being Miram, and yet another person accusing me of being BlueMetalChick lol.
Magenta · F
@BlueVeins Lol, bunch of crazies.
Umile · 41-45, F
Accusations or truth.

Jerks will be jerks.

And they don't pay my bills.

Scribbles · 36-40, F
None beyond stupid name-calling. Idk. If someone has made any accusations about me, they have never done it to my face, and no one has ever told me that anyone has said anything about me.

So I guess this could be someone's chance to make up a conspiracy theory about me. 😂
AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
There's one user here who I blocked because she always accused me of shit. I'm assuming she didn't remember we were cool on EP.
speefw00f112 · 31-35, M
welll, i suppose some people might be making initial assumptions to themselves that i'm gay, but apart from that..
Magenta · F
Quite a few. Many love their accusations and paranoia here.
I've been called other members that I am not.
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
thousands. all from liberals.
Raaii · 22-25, F
[c=BF0000] here? likee uncountable [/c]
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
Someone said I impregnated a SW woman in a public restroom in the UK.

There's no way that could have happened. I was in England at the time.
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
@HoraceGreenley i remember you was😕
wackidywack · 22-25
Like 1 and it was in this anonymous list like, what'd I do, man
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Don't know🤔
Don't care😂
Umile · 41-45, F
@Virgo79 👌
I have no idea. A couple of people have called me a "racist"
but they can never say against whom—and I always ask.
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