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If you could choose, which country would you prefer to have been born?

emily67 · 36-40, F
it's a tough one for me.
I always wanted to learn italian, and I think italian is a beautiful language, so if I was born in italy, well, there we go, I have my wish, plus I am in the home of pizza- literally the best food ever
I listen to a lot of spanish music, so spain would be a close second
and my best friends (or most of them), live in the US, and let's face it, days out at disney/ universal/ seaworld would be pretty fun
plankter979 · 51-55, M
@emily67 Italian and American here who speaks Spanish lol
Beautywithin · 36-40, F
Italy, lovely place, healthcare is one of the best! And dont get taxed silly amounts like the UK, plus i love pizza and pasta 😋
PeachyK · 100+, F
I was born in another country. I love it but i wish i could have continued living a global life
Elessar · 26-30, M
España 🇪🇸🥘🌴💃🏻

(Easier to win the European / World cup ⚽⚽)
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
MFW Spain is mentioned
Prettybratbi1tch · 26-30, F
Wouldn't want to be born in any other country
Elessar · 26-30, M
@CrazyMusicLover The French phase has passed? 🙈
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
@Elessar Noo, I mean that's now. At this point who knows where could I have been if I started in Germany. 🙈
Fertilization · 36-40, F
Tetsuya · 51-55, M
My parents nearly mived to New Zealand before I was born. I'd have been quite happy with that.
knightTemplar · 46-50, M
nowhere, i'm proud to be british.
I’m good with the USA.
Justenjoyit · 56-60, M
Still the UK, love the sence of humor I have, I have lived in Germany for many years but I dont think I would have liked to be born here lol
If not the U.S., maybe France.
tenente · 100+, M

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