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People working from home: Do you honestly feel lonely? Or have you set up your life to have social time outside of the home to not be lonely?

robertsnj · 51-55, M
Pick me! Pick me! I work from home!

I am doing better as a remote employee as opposed to an in-office employee. I work in tech sales so I was remote much of the time before COVID. I am way more efficient and productive at home as opposed to at an office. In my world, it is silly for an office manager to ask employees to show up to the office on a regular basis.

The commute from my earlier life had a drag on me. Many times, when I was younger, the commute was an hour each way (sometimes by train) . I had to prepare my office clothes, get gas for my auto and other things that added to the time.

As a remote employee I get out of bed, check my office emails, often by 6 30 eat breakfast and start my day about 8 A.M. In addition I don't have that phase out time that I used to get at the office. Working 4 hours with one break is really a brutal schedule for anyone that sits at a desk. There was times for me when I just stopped working for 5-10 minutes to re-focus. As a remote employee, I don't really do that anymore. I can get up do something and sit back down 60 seconds later.

On the flip side I am not as close to my co-workers as I use to be. Largely that is ok. I feel your co-workers should be your co-workers and your friends should be your friends. Mixing them overall seems like a poor strategy.

Remote work has given me a silent raise. I no longer pay for the commute. My auto has less miles on it. Less spent on Gas. I don't have to buy as many train commutes. I also have a shorter work week by about 8 hours when I factor in commute time.
Rent and gas will just go up. @robertsnj
Car prices will go up@pdockal
pdockal · 56-60, M

What ??????
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
I felt a little stale at times during the pandemic lockdowns. But never genuinely lonely. My physical social interactions at work may be fewer, but I like to think they are of higher quality because of the relative scarcity. My is wider and more fruitful because I have more time to cultivate it. The wider benefits of working from home considerably outweigh the negatives.
akindheart · 61-69, F
i have worked from home for years and yes i get lonely so i go into the office once per week and have lunch. by the time i am there half day, i am ready to either kill the women or get home
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
I have had a couple several month stints where I got to work remotely 100% following surgeries. I worked remote for 1.5 years 100% during covid and was home 2 days a week well before and now again after the covid years. With the dog and the cat, I absolutely don't get lonely. I don't set up time outside of home as I quite enjoy my alone time
I love working from home. I do not feel lonely. I'm a homebody anyway, so social time isn't a high priority, but I work it in occasionally.
WiFiWitch · 41-45, F
Ive been working from home for over 5+ years and i feel i have built a routine where i dont feel lonely. I have built some fantastic work relationships by scheduling holday remote parties or i sometimes text my coworkers talking about sports.
ArtieKat · M
I'm happy with my own company - more productive definitely.
SW can help sometimes

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