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Can A Person Go Into A Steroid Rage From Steroid Inhalers Used For Allergies?

The boy was riding home on the bus yesterday and there’s a radio for the bus driver to call the dispatcher in case of an emergency or whatever. Anyway the boy heard some other bus driver calling for help when a fight broke out on the bus. They say it was caused by a student having steroid rage.
TexChik · F
Nope those are glucocorticoids . Anabolic steroids produce rage .
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jab jabber flew to close to the 5G

4meAndyou · F
Not if they use the inhaler as prescribed. I used steroid nasal spray daily, but it has to be limited in use. And during allergy season I use a steroidal rescue inhaler...and you do have to be careful how many times you use it in one day. Every four hours max.
I don't think corticosteroids have that same effect as anabolic steroids, but I'm not sure.

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