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The democrats comitted a cardinal sin. If you're going to cheat on a test, at least miss a couple.

Nobody is going to buy it if you do significantly better than you usually do. It doesn't pass the sniff test.
Uachtarain26-30, M
What's that supposed to show?馃ぃ That Trump ignored rules on mass gatherings?
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow look. Trump lost. Regardless of whether your mind is open or closed, he lost.

Your mind is the most closed of all because you are working purely on belief; dare I even say faith. The rest of us here work to reality. Solid, verifiable Fact.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Uachtarain But here鈥檚 a question, where do you get your facts, and what are they based on, and also, are they unbiased, ok, three questions 馃榾
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow I get my facts from news sources who ALL say that Trump lost. They are based on the number of votes counted, and they come from sources that are often (not always) biased to be sure, but from BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

And the thing is, when supposedly biased sources from across the entire political spectrum all agree with one another, then that is fact. Sorry 馃き
Hmmm let's see here...

Bush: 50 million votes
Obummer: 69 million votes
Drumpf: 74 million votes
Bidet: 81 million votes

What's especially strange is that Obama beat Biden's popular vote [i]percentage[/i], but that would only make sense as if the voting population was increasing somehow...
ididntknow51-55, M
@Uachtarain you clearly believe in all the lefts policies, do you know what the green new deal will cost, cows farting destroy the planet, no more burgers, no more flying
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow Good, i'm a vegan :)
@Uachtarain 馃馃
Elessar26-30, M
For those who still haven't noticed, there is an ongoing pandemic since January 2020, people with at least 2 neurons won't rally. At most, this shows that not giving a f*CK about public health, not having interconnected neurones and voting alt-right are tightly correlated.
Elessar26-30, M
@ididntknow Communication primarily. Minimizing it, treating it as if it was no big deal when we all know the consequence it leads to if allowed to spread uncontrollably (refer to Bergamo, Spain, Wuhan, NYC in Q2/2020 for instance), pressuring for early reopening amid the peak, encouraging riots against containment measures (Michigan, Q2/2020), to name a few.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Elessar I think you are going to be very disappointed with, Biden, or should I say Harris, but good luck
Elessar26-30, M
@ididntknow Only time will tell, as I said I'm not a big fan of anyone in the current American political scene. But, still as I said, so long as they'll keep a scientific/rational approach rather trying to build consent on ignorance it'll be already a big step.
ididntknow51-55, M
Popularity is usually a good measure of the outcome of an election, Biden certainly wasn鈥檛 popular, and trump won most places, but funnily enough, not in the Democratic swing states, funny that isn鈥檛 it ? But a closed or corrupted mind wouldn鈥檛 think there was anything odd in that
ididntknow51-55, M
@Uachtarain which facts
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow In this case, the fact that Trump lost the election.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Uachtarain we鈥檒l see
EuphoricTurtle41-45, M
I thought votes decided elections not packed rallies?
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow bribery
ididntknow51-55, M
@Uachtarain Bribing who
Uachtarain26-30, M
@ididntknow you only asked me to name a crime. But essentially all the pardons he鈥檚 been giving out are top stop them being subpoenaed against him in future. That鈥檚 bribery.
justanothername51-55, M
To quote a line from a very relevant movie written for children....
鈥淟et it go, let it go, let it go......鈥

The movie was made for children because the writers knew that children have higher IQs than your average Republican and therefore they know how to build bridges and get over stuff.
nobody believes 80+ million ppl voted for a ukranian/china potato..
its just convenient for that side to pretend alls legit right now .. lolz.

[image deleted]
exexec61-69, C
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout There are close to 240 million registered voters in the U.S. that were eligible to vote in November, not 212 million.
@exexec It is called fake news, color blind, subjective and selective (tunnel vision) only sees one orange face.馃ぃ馃槀馃榿
ididntknow51-55, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout exactly, even facts like that can鈥檛 sway the idiots
The supreme court and the DOJ have said the opposite. Have you been on the ground and witnessed the Sin?
@MrSmooTh 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀 where did OJ come from. Here 59 cases out of 60 cases have been rejected and or denied.
@MrSmooTh incase you have not seen it.
ididntknow51-55, M
@MrSmooTh you people are crazy, too much cnn
Rose041531-35, F
Boy, you Trump supporters really need a new schtick. This whole alleged voter fraud thing is really old and tired.
ididntknow51-55, M
@Rose0415 it鈥檚 a very big schtick though isn鈥檛 it,
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SwampFlower26-30, F
Someone ought to check the disparities in the Kentucky senate race.
Where is Donald Trump?
ididntknow51-55, M
@questionWeaver Thankyou

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