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I dont get why the local news doesnt specify how many people currently have the virus.

All I see on the news is when new cases pop up. It's like '89 confirmed cases of corona virus more details soon.' And then today I was listening to the radio news by chance and they said that 23 people of that 89 people have recovered completely and 52 people are at home well and waiting to find out if they've fully recovered.
So that means there's possibly only 14 people that actually have it??? Talk about the media trying to scare the public haha. Had to rant here where im anonymous and no one actually knows me in real life 馃槀 I don't get it.
It's because they don't know, and the governments certainly don't want YOU to panic.

You can actually HAVE the virus and have no symptoms at all. In Italy, they speak of people who don't know they were exposed 15-17 days ago, have just a small cough, and suddenly can't breathe at all, and they are dead within 10 days.

In Wales, we have an SW member, a nurse, who says that 95% of their doctors and nurses are now testing positive and are home sick. She said she was exhausted and overworked.
The problem with reporting accurate numbers is that there has not yet been enough testing availability to provide an accurate count. Obviously, the count is going to be much higher than the confirmed cases, since there are many people who are either asymptomatic, or develop mild symptoms and stay home to recover. Many cases are going untested (lack of test kits) and unreported (not needing medical treatment).
exexec61-69, C
That isn't a problem around here. The news reports update total cases diagnosed, those hospitalized, those who recovered, and deaths. They also are careful to note that these numbers may not be entirely accurate for various reasons but they are the best numbers available.
GeistInTheMachine31-35, M
Take it lightly and you may not be one of the lucky ones.
SeductiveCactus22-25, F
@GeistInTheMachine im not taking it lightly. I just think they should include how mang people have actually recovered. Although I guess there are stupid people out there that would take that information and start taking it lightly and breaking the lockdown rules. 馃槗
It鈥檚 all about the views and money, unfortunately.
uncalled451-55, M
Many places have shut down their studios. Lots of work is being done remotely, and there are production concerns. This is unprecedented in broadcasting. Had this happened a decade ago, I think that some stations might have gone dark.

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