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Were dinosaurs vegan? Well science is divided on the matter but let us look at the largest dinosaur... the 'T Rex' and how they coexisted with humans

all those thousands of years (yes, thousands...perhaps as long as 6000 years ago). Well, let us look at the name, the 'T Rex. This actually means the 'Tree Rexington' and this dinosaur used its huge teeth to cut down huge trees to make the World habitable. The T Rex also ate the trees it cut down and did not eat meat. But! (I hear you ask), what was the relationship with humans?

Well humans were the first life form on our Earth and we used the T Rex to clear the big trees away and dig canals for the future populations, we had a good relationship but we must not forget that 6000 years ago humans stood over 125 feet tall so the Tree Rex would have been in awe of our ancestors. What do I mean by 'awe', well the dinosaurs would have looked at our ancestors and thought 'awe, look at the size of them...I will not be messing with them.

Thoughts please.
Dharmabump Best Comment
I have a few books on this by fellow experts in the field of Dinosaur research. Sharing the knowledge gleaned, apparently many fossils of tree living chimps - in fact thousands - have been dug up, the fossils very much mangled. The upshot is - and this is only theory mind - that the dinosaurs, as they digested the trees, when such trees were full of chimps, they would spit them out at various stages of mastication. Thus suggesting they were indeed vegan, not wishing to ingest the chimps.

Obviously further studies need to be made. In fact, I shall be making a field trip to Epping Forest next week.
@AndysAttic Will do. We experts should share our knowledge ( nevertheless, remain humble - we stand on the necks of giants)
Really · 80-89, M
@Dharmabump Have you tried any of the forests that don't Epp?
@Really Not as yet, but this is definitely on my agenda.

Professor, as always you're out standing in your field. Thank you for helping us understand the real reason Marc Bolan died. His car hit a Tree Rex.. So they must have been alive in the early 1970's and ultimately dinosaurs were responsible for the creation of Glam Rock! Absolute proof that man (and the occasional worried woman) lived with the dinosaurs..


I do have a theory behind the mad scientist George Speri Sperti the inventor of Preparation H, and why dinosaurs who sat around on cold damp boulders on their "T" breaks were plagued with bottom problems. Hence the term Saurus at the end of their name.. As you know Dino in Greek means Terrible and Saurus means hemorrhoids.. Thank you Dr. George Speri Sperti and the dinosaurs for collaborating on peoples bottom problems. I would expound more but I fear this is not the appropriate forum (too many disbelievers) and i need to focus on this flagon of cheap cooking wine first..
This message was deleted by its author.
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Majorlatency Sir, indeed...I know Doris well.
@AndysAttic Professor, thank you and Dan the drunk (is he by chance one of the famous Hull and Barnsley Drunks, is so I think I know him, there again there's so many of the Drunk famiy across Merry Olde England) Give my regards. Ask him if he remembers me, we spent a night in the Drunk Tank together (must be one of his ancestral homes!) I was the one arrested on the docks wearing a tutu..

All this blowing and sucking. I'm knackered..

The police called it appears Titania may have suffocated. PC Nabb the plain clothes policeman has spent 30 minutes giving her mouth to mouth and fondling her chest looking for a heart beat.

I will keep you posted about the 30 tons of sweatshirts..
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
I've not heard of this before. I'll run this by professor Ken Ham and zoologist Kent E. Hovind
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@deadgerbil Indeed, experts in the field.
Gorps · 46-50, M
Who IS this 'Peter o'Dactyl'?
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Gorps Mate of Dippy the diplodocus...Nice bloke.
Sidewinder · 36-40, M
@Gorps *Pterodactyl. (the P is silent)

An ornithological (winged, to the layperson) prehistoric species.

From the Greek "Ptera" meaning wing and "Dactyl" meaning "Finger."
Gorps · 46-50, M
@Sidewinder Kindly execute a copulatary departure (for the layman: ... no, that would be rude. I won't say it!) But do it sideways if you must.

Sorry, I can't help it 🖖
likesnatural · 70-79, M
You have a great imagination. Do you always write fiction?
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@likesnatural Mostly.
Sidewinder · 36-40, M
To the extent of my knowledge, many dinosaurs were herbivorous, like the Brontosaurus, the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus.

The Tyrranosaurus Rex, velociraptor, Pterodactyl, and Dilophosaurus, however,were carnivorous.
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Sidewinder Thank you for your observations Sir.
This [b]does[/b] sound vaguely familiar…🤔
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@bijouxbroussard Proof if proof were needed Ma'am.
We all know some were herbivores. Like all animals, it’s varies depending on species.
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
@MorbidCynic Good point!
ArishMell · 70-79, M

(I assume you are being satirical!)
TheEmperor · 26-30, M
Did dinos even exist?

Really · 80-89, M
@TheEmperor Well there was Dino Martino. Saw him on tv and he looked real enough.
jackieash · 26-30
Piper · 61-69, F
They [b]were[/b], until Adam ate that apple and blamed it on Eve. This is backed up by science and the [i]vast[/i] [i]majority[/i] of biblical scholars.
Really · 80-89, M
Angels on a pin ... (to the tune of 'Angels in the Night') ... I'm always counting
Angels on a pinhead .....
Fairydust · F
Probably all Made up.
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
@Fairydust Ma'am...I do not believe cosmetics were available in those days but I will respect your observation.
Fairydust · F

Lol 😂

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