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When you get coffee close to closing time at the Dunkin near my house

Poll - Total Votes: 14
It either free or the trash
He wants some old lady and heard donuts do it
Be quiet donut floozie
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They will give two free donuts for every one you buy , to get rid of them..,..
Or coffee boy wants to bang me and thinks free donuts will loosen my panties.

What do you think?
lilacs · 41-45, F
He's frisky! I'll buy the donuts, and offer mine to him.
JesseInTX · 51-55, M
Take the donuts….and the coffee boy. Win/win 😉
if he wants to bang you, don't accept a cream filled donut and take the coffee black
Silentpleasure · 31-35, F
Little does he know you don't wear any :P
braveheart21 · 61-69, M
Didn't know you wore any panties 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
Degbeme · 70-79, M
[quote]coffee boy wants to bang me and thinks free donuts will loosen my panties.[/quote]

Will it? 🤔
must be because you're hot. nobody wants to bang me
FreeSpirit1 · 51-55, F
@saragoodtimes doubt that hottie
Ontheroad · M
Yeah, we both know the answer to that one. Boys will be boys😁
slorollin · 41-45, M
Donut boy trying to get in yo britches 😂
Harmonium1923 · 51-55, M
Donuts are good for a game of ring toss. Just saying.
GrinNude · 61-69, C
I vote for both. Lol Birdie
Spumoni · 46-50, M
Bowenw · 61-69, M
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
the only people that get dunkin or starbucks coffee around here are tourists and snobby college kids... the rest of us drink real coffee... 🤔
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