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Hokey Cokey

The man who invented the Hokey Cokey died. You wouldn't believe the difficulty they had getting him into his coffin. 馃ぃ
Midlifemale61-69, M Best Comment
The Hokey Cokey ? What is that ?
I know thw dance the hokey pokey ?
WildWings61-69, M
@Midlifemale Same one just a different name.

He put the wrong leg in and the wrong leg out.
losthorizons51-55, M
@msros hahahahhahha
Zaphod4246-50, M
Just imagine the actual burial 馃槀
WildWings61-69, M
[@WildWings Copyrighted 2024]

The Flat-Packed Coffin

Old Uncle Albert had been a carpenter
Away back in the day
But even now being old and frail
He still wanted to have his way.

He wanted to make something useful
And challenging if he could
So he set about making a flat-packed coffin
Out of spare pieces of wood.

鈥淭his could really catch on!鈥 he said
As the idea in his brain he moulded
So he set about with springs and hinges
To ensure that it unfolded.

Everything was going to plan
And he thought about it often
He was well advanced in designing
His own flat-packed coffin.

The day came for him to try it
Then all about it he would forget
For he was not ready to do it for real
And definitely not yet.

Preparing to try his new creation
He was already feeling quite terse
As he closed the lid on his flat-packed coffin
There parked nearby a black hearse.

He managed to lock himself inside
This flat-packed coffin made of wood
But the hearse had stopped at the wrong address
It wasn鈥檛 looking too good.

Well, they loaded the coffin into the hearse
But even although he did shout
He couldn鈥檛 be heard from inside the box
There was no way he could get out.

The doors closed and the hearse began moving
Towards the cemetery
To his final resting place
Uncle Albert was on his way.

At the graveside the mourners were gathered
To say their final farewell
But nobody knew it was the wrong coffin
Sadly, nobody could tell.

As Albert was lowered into the grave
The mourners began to sing
But Albert, now in a severe state of panic
Managed to locate a spring.

Just then, the coffin lid sprung open
And Albert was catapulted in the air
Some of the mourners fainted
At what they had witnessed there.

Uncle Albert landed in a field
Beside an old sheep pen
Old Uncle Albert has never mentioned
The flat-packed coffin again.
Zaphod4246-50, M
@WildWings Well done! 馃ぃ
WildWings61-69, M
@Zaphod42 Thank you.
You mean every time they put his left leg in, he pulled the left leg out?
Did they forget to shake him all about???
Captainjackass31-35, M
Is that like doing the hokey pokey while on cocaine?
Is this the hokey pokey with Peruvian blow?

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