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Im not weird.. right?

Friend said it was weird i almost exclusively buy guys clothes shoes etc.. i just find them comfier roomier and practical. Like guys never have fake pockets
BlueVeins · 22-25
Nah, but the clothes you like. They also make lady's clothes with big-ass pockets but if men's clothes are more convenient, then go for it.

What I find weird is not buying shit you like bc it's marketed to someone else.
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
I don’t think it’s weird. It’s whatever makes you comfortable
hunkalove · 61-69, M
The Fake Pockets would be a great name for a punk band!
Toepatrol · 31-35, M
Hard to play pocket pool with fake pockets
CreepzillaInManila · 31-35, MVIP
[quote].Im not weird.. right? [/quote]

Asked the bugeyed girl...
caPnNathanael · 22-25, M
Nothing weird about liking comfort and practicality
swirlie · 31-35, F
I have purchased guy's jeans more often than women's jeans simply because clothing manufacturers increase the hip size of women's Jeans in proportion to the leg inseam length. Long female legs equates to hip sizes that are assumed to be very wide.My legs are very long yet my hips are very narrow and I have a thin waist. Women's jean sizes do not accommodate this combination, but guy's jeans do. Guys jeans can have very long inseam lengths and can be purchased with as narrow as a 28" waist for guys, but works great for women with 28" hips and a 23" waist! No so with women's jeans, which is why every pair of women's jeans I've ever purchased had to be reconstructed by a seamstress to make them fit my body shape! [/c]
Oster1 · M
Not at all.😊🌻
RachelB · F
No. My gf only buys her hoodies from the mens section. And I in turn nick her hoodies
Buildingadoor · 26-30, F
Your friend is weird.
Alfarrobas · 31-35, M
LIE! I have clothes with fake pockets. Found out that later, many times later, after I had bought the item of cloth
tomasin · 26-30
Not weird at all. As a guy myself I can definitely agree. I like to buy/wear women's clothes and shoes for the exact same reason. :)
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
Well I kind of understand the fake pocket part. Most women carry a purse so no need for the pockets
Chickie · F
I knew a bunch of girl who crossdressed. They can do them but I just don't see the appeal.
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
Cloth doesn't have a gender... people assign genders to cloth.
Torsten · 31-35, M
fake pockets?
bugeye · 26-30, F

more common in womens clothes but yeah. they look like pockets but are unusable
Torsten · 31-35, M
@bugeye haha well that seems pretty ridiculous. First I have ever heard of those before i think. It makes so much sense now why the women I have been with have asked me to put some of their things in my pockets to carry 🤯
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
Nope. I do it myself
HootyTheNightOwl · 36-40
@Bushmanoz Mrs Oz might have something to say if you bought your clothes from the women's shops... 🤭
Fluffybull · F
No, not weird. Very practical 👍

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