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I Could Never Be A Vegan

I guess if you think you could never be a vegan, you have to ask yourself what your reasons are and what kind of person that makes you.

TinyViolins · 31-35, M
The biggest hurdles that must be overcome to embrace veganism are cultural ones.

I think people can pretty easily tell that animals have degrees of intelligence and emotions, and that people can also identify the cruelty that comes from captivity and bondage. Neither are particularly hard arguments to make.

The struggle comes from getting people to accept that the alternative is sustainable. People are conditioned to a society where eating meat is seen as healthy and essential. Even manly. We employ this myth that vegans are frail cultists fueled by hysteria. That if a meat-based diet was good for our parents, their parents, and so on, it must be good for us too. Or that a vegan diet is too inconveniently limited to only vegetables and tofu. That if we went vegan, we'd become outcasts among our friend and familial circles.

People have always become experts of mental gymnastics when defending the status quo. With veganism, the fables are no different. Guilt and blame only serve to make people double-down on their axioms. Real change requires honest dialogue and education, and that's a much slower process. Psychological hurdles require more delicacy to maneuver
SeadragonPrincess · 26-30, F
@Pikachu i'm still studying them so i wanna know what's so scary about what death is
SolveEtCoagula · 31-35, F
@Pikachu I can't see who you are responding to but I saw someone killing a blowfish after feeding it a carrot. I couldn't watch it because it's so bloody and cruel. Puffer fishes are poisonous but still, I didn't like it.

You don't think you'd be able to feel anything for fish but I do.

That's awful. I feel bad seeing any animal suffer.
SeadragonPrincess · 26-30, F
Animals are sacred but i eat meat we exist
SeadragonPrincess · 26-30, F
@Pikachu most of my ancestrial diet was vegetarian...haha ha...ha...ha...dragons don't exist on plants...if nothing else we rip each other apart and eat each other...utiopia isn't something that exists...fuck i even killed my own sister because she was a threat of taking the throne instead of me...and each time I do so, each time i took a life I gave it respect. I consider all life sacred yet as a predator I kill, and furthermore i heavily respect the dead by eating them

lol sorry.
I assumed you were a human, my bad.
SeadragonPrincess · 26-30, F
@Pikachu heh it's strange how someone assumes someone is a species of myth like are humans even real? what animal gives up its fur/scales/feather to wear otheer animals fur and such and be all fleshy...thats dum

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