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Very sweet gesture, Potato is touched 馃馃ゴ馃ズ

I finally visited my place to get the keys and found this from the seller. Flowers and a sweet letter.

What a sweet old lady! She is a widow .. for some reason made me have a preference to deal with her from the beginning (idk what difference it made to me!). I genuinely wanted a deal that was fair to both of us.

When I entered the place for the first time it felt homey and familiar (it is just the type of structure I am used to). Even the smell of the building reminds me of my childhood for some reason..

Funny how strangers we've never met can better our mood and how family can worsen it or always worsen it to be precise!
Sending you moo wishes for your new pastures 馃惍
BittersweetPotato31-35, F
@Mooed78 I was wondering if pasture was just an auto correct for what was meant to be purchase. Then I realised it was you, I think not.
@BittersweetPotato I only speak Cow language
dancingtongue80-89, M
When we downsized and sold our old home, the realtor asked us to write a letter to prospective buyers. Part of it was to meet State requirements to reveal status of major issues such as seismic retrofitting, asbestos, etc., but they encouraged us to also provide a human touch about our 38 years in it. Which we did. We got a sweet letter back with one of the offers from a young couple about what they liked about the house, and how they foresaw it fitting their family needs. Unfortunately, their offer was too far below the high bidder (and a couple of others). As it turns out, they may have been a better choice as the winning bidders couldn't keep up the mortgage payments, but by then it was the bank's problem.
Degbeme70-79, M
Can`t afford to get your nails done?
Degbeme70-79, M
@BittersweetPotato 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
BittersweetPotato31-35, F
@Degbeme 馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜馃馃槨馃挜
ineedadrink51-55, M
@Degbeme Press on nails.
That's very sweet indeed, and I share her wishes for you.
BittersweetPotato31-35, F
@NerdyPotato Potato blessings are important for sure!
Convivial26-30, F
Nice one.... Gives you faith in humanity
I'm thrilled for you..... it's a new and wonderful experience when you purchase your first home.
Captainjackass31-35, M
Looks like you got a great purchase from a nice person!
ineedadrink51-55, M
That's awesome. 馃檪
That鈥檚 so cool ! 馃
BittersweetPotato31-35, F
@bijouxbroussard 馃馃

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