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just delivered a pizza to a woman with no pants on wth

How did she react to your choice of underwear? 馃槣
Matt8536-40, M
@Matt85 Yeah I just couldn't resist! 馃ぃ
did you offer her extra sausage at no charge
cherokeepatti61-69, F
Sounds like something maintenance workers would see at the dorms when they had a work order. They鈥檇 knock on the doors and yell 鈥淢aintenance!鈥 And the girls sometimes would say 鈥淐ome on in鈥 and they鈥檇 be topless and the workers would tell them they鈥檇 come back when they got dressed.
@cherokeepatti [quote]they鈥檇 be topless[/quote]

cherokeepatti61-69, F
@Azlotto sometimes just wearing a pair of panties. And then invite maintenance in. The men were scared they鈥檇 get accused of something and leave quickly.
@cherokeepatti [quote]leave quickly.[/quote]

Wise choice.
Jeremi41-45, M
dude, I was Door Dashing one day and I delivered to this woman. she was shit faced hammered. and locked herself out of the house. I ended up picking the lock for her. she dragged me in the house, took her shirt off, had no bra on and just started kissing on me.
Jeremi41-45, M
at first I was like aight maybe I got 2 or 3 minutes. I'm a typical guy, right? this shit doesn't happen everyday. but then I see this baby crying in a room upstairs. 1. she's fucking hammered 2. locks herself out of the house and 3. with a fucking BABY upstairs? I ghosted quicky. I am not making this up
Jeephikelove46-50, F
@Jeremi holy shit!!
Jeremi41-45, M
yeah. true story
Quimliqer61-69, M
Best tip a delivery person could get!!
My cousin delivered pizza back in the 80's, and was very disappointed that none of his deliveries resembled Penthouse Forum letters 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
samanthaX41-45, T
Why weren't you wearing pants my love 鉂わ笍
samanthaX41-45, T
Was the view worth it ???
Matt8536-40, M
@samanthaX Like a gentleman, I sheilded my eyes.
justlooking202351-55, M
How cheesy
Outdoorfreedom56-60, M
Nice. Bonus.
SilkenHippie51-55, F
Too bad it wasn't a dude with no pants on.
Matt8536-40, M
Queendragonfly31-35, F
I mean. It's her home, I never wear pants at home either.
so you deliver pizza not wearing pants?
DownTheStreet51-55, M
I assume she had a long shirt on
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Sounds like an @BeachGirl47 post to me
NinaTina26-30, F
Hey that was me lol
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