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Coffee or a caffeine pill in the morning

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Cause being told I'm drinking coffee is the wrong way to wake up in the morning
I take a caffeine pill. Sometimes it's not enough...but it doesn't stain my teeth or eat holes in my existing there's that.

I read somewhere that drinking a large glass of water first thing when you wake up will do more than the caffeine, anyway. You get dehydrated when you sleep, and the coffee dehydrates you further.
So I tried JUST drinking water in the morning, and whoever wrote that article was full of sh!t!! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Well roll her over and give her morning sex then go get your coffee, complaints settled. I tell my doctor to live his life and maybe he ought to quit smoking, and that ends the coffee combat statements there too.
heathercameron18-21, F
coffee is the wrong way to wake up but perfect two hours later
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heathercameron18-21, F
@VenustheWise daylight and your body's clock wake you up. Better not to add caffeine in any form to the body's stimulation at that time. But 90 minutes later when that wake-up stimulus has faded, coffee can provide a good boost. And coffee has a lot of other health benefits, so it's good in the morning, just not first thing.
Bartleby51-55, M
@heathercameron I鈥檝e read this and people who have done it (some say only an hour works) say it鈥檚 amazing. I鈥檓 experimenting with it.
Choice 3 you and fuck what people say. The coffee and caffeine pill are the same shit.
Choodles26-30, M
@SW-User Nah, I don't like being told that I've been doing something wrong for years. That shit pisses me off.
Neither, tea or fruit smoothie.
Throw the pill into the coffee

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