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Are you lucky?

How lucky are you people? I recently moved into a new place, don't get paid for a couple of weeks and am really skint, I fancied a few beers so took out £10 and bought a pack of beers for £6 then 3 £1 scratchcards. Won £10 😊👍🏻

Let me put it this way. If I won $100, I just wait for something to happen that will cost me $200.
@BrewCityBarfly not good lol
@bluehead46 It's all good, the universe, God, whatever your preference, has helped me dodge my fair share of disasters.
4meAndyou · F
I once bought 20 scratch tickets, for $100. I kept 10 for myself, and gave 10 to a friend for Christmas. My friend only won $40, but I won $200!!! So, as far as scratch tickets go, I once had my share of luck!
@4meAndyou that's awesome, I do buy them regularly but am not always lucky and the most i have ever won was £100 on a £5 card
4meAndyou · F
@bluehead46 I had to add the winnings on all 10 of my cards that Christmas to get to $200, but I still doubled my money. I was able to give a winning scratch card to my friend, AND got reimbursed for all the scratch tickets, AND got $100 for myself as well!
@4meAndyou awesome 👍🏻😊
looping · 18-21
I think I'm pretty lucky. I always seem to get a day off from university whenever I need it, whether that be due to train strikes, lectures being unwell, or other circumstances.
@looping that's always good 👍🏻😊
AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
I don't tempt it. But I've been told I'm a good luck charm
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
I am just me

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