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I feel bad for admitting this, but I'm in the mood for getting drunk...

I don't usually drink, and I'm trying to not encourage my housemate to drink....

But damn, I just wanna get wasted
i really wanna try getting wasted but then again i have a deep hate for alcohol 馃槵
It鈥檚 7am Monday morning.. yay me 馃槕

Why not though 馃槀
@kimmy159 You're obviously too stupid to pick up on clues.
@NativePortlander1970 馃槀 yeah sure, doesn't change the fact that you shouldn't live your own live around everyone's issues. That's the problem with today's society, everyone needs to take everyone else's issues into account. Even if she doesn't drink, someone else will drink around her housemate some day. If she can't learn how to handle that, she will never cure her alcohol problem.
Everyone else's issues are not all your issues.
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deadgerbil22-25, F
What is your relationship with alcohol? Occasionally drink it?
@deadgerbil I don't usually drink, but I guess I'm just in party mode .... Bored, in the mood to celebrate a personal achievement, sometimes pure gluttony... I dunno
thepreposterouspanda31-35, M
I have to fight that urge a lot too.
I really feel you. 馃ズ
Quimliqer70-79, M
It鈥檚 your life!!
AuRevoir36-40, M
*Queue GTA 5 death clips..*
SandWitch26-30, F
As long as there's sex in it for you somewhere within that journey, then go for it!

But if not, then why waste the booze if booze is not your motivator in life?
It's when you're in the mood to get drunk is when you should avoid alcohol the most, I say this coming from a family of drunks and addicts. After my Dad died when I was ten, my vices were music and reading, while my oldest brother became a drunk, my paternal Great Grandfather, my paternal grandmother, almost all her siblings, most of my Dad's cousins, an uncle, and quite a few of my own cousins, are/were all drunks.

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