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I Am Interested In Ancient Cultures And Traditions

I've been reading up on Zoroastrianism which I knew a little about previously but there seems to be not much info about widely available.

Today/spring equinox is their new year (Now-ruz). This festival is also celebrated in two other religions. They have a table with candles, eggs and various things to represent health, strength and other things for the year ahead (decorated table is called the haft-seen). Some of the other things are apple, goldfish, wheat... (There are a few pictures on Instagram). Although for some reason it occurs in August in India. Not sure if the seasons are different. Actually the items on the table are not originally what would have been on there or part of the religion when it first started, but that was (well the century and even millenia is debated and not certain) about 3000BC (according to UNESCO anyway).

Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions. It seems to have fire as a central theme and respect for the elements and nature too. It does have parallels with Christianity and some aspects of Paganism, although it came before Christianity. It's "motto" seems to be "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds
Greyjedi · M
I've done a little research into it also. The spring equinox celebration is new to me but very cool. I speculate that prior to creating Zoroastrianism, Zorothustra was a Hindu priest. In ancient times India was a lot bigger an Hinduism was much more far reaching as India then was more militaristic. Anyone who knows anything about India will know that India is one of the oldest recorded civilizitions. As old as India is I think Hinduism is just as old and since Zorothustra previously worshiped many many gods in an area that was formally controlled by India he may have been a Hindu. Records that I have looked up only mention the founders name a that the faith was practiced by the Persians. Thus I think it is possible Zoroastrianism predates everything but Hinduism, shamanism and Mesopotamian religion, it one of the first religious variants and the precursor to all Monotheism and even Jewish distinct religious thought.

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