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I can’t decide which girl t0 be?

I really want to be this type of girl, because I think it’s more godly too and it’s just comforting.

But I’m also this type of wild bohemian type of girl.

I can’t decide which to be.
Mamapolo2016 · F Best Comment
Don't decide. Go with your mood.

It's not God Who dictates dress and style. It's humans (almost always men) who try to legislate those expressions of self. Often they actually state that women should dress in a drab concealing fashion because men can't control themselves (won't control themselves).

God drenches the world in color and beauty and variety.

Celebrate life!
@sirenofthesea My pleasure.
@Mamapolo2016 @sirenofthesea God does drench the world in color, beauty and variety, but you are wrong to say that God does not care about how we dress. He does. And that actually maintains variety and diversity, unlike the sexual perverts of today who are trying to blur the line between men and women and create a sexless and raceless society. God shows us in 1 Timothy 2:9 that He does care about dress and style, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;” He also says in Deuteronomy 22:5, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." Keep all of this in mind when choosing what to wear, @sirenofthesea.

Now, because of the feminist movement, women today wear pants. That means less distinction between men and women and therefore less variety. We need to bring back the good ol' days when it was illegal for women to wear pants. When women wore nice long dresses. The good old days when men were men and women were women. This is very unpopular, but feelings and mood are not the basis of truth. The Word of God is. That is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. Without a final authority, all we have are subjective feelings and wants, and relativism, which would make everything meaningless.

Also, as an addendum on proper attire, scripture says that exposing the thigh is nakedness in Exodus 28:42, “And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach:” The woman at the bottom in the 1st set of pictures is wearing manly clothes and is exposing her thighs. And the woman at the top is wearing pants.

The two wild Bohemian girls in the 2nd set of pictures (bottom middle and top right) have a good dress and length, but the others look like pagan heathens from the jungle because of the tattoos, ear piercings, makeup and some of the seemingly costly array and the proud look, not looking modest and humble and not with shamefacedness. The Bible is also against tattoos: Leviticus 19:28 says, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord."

In the end, what matters is how closely you adhere to God's Word. God will look at how closely you modeled your life after scripture. So, be the girl that would be pleasing to the God who created you. The Holy KJV Bible is our standard. Always go to God's Word. It will give you all the answers you need.
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RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
Life's too short to put yourself in a box. Mix the two together and create your own style.
WaryWitchWandering · 36-40, F
@RubiesandButterflies this! I love mixing different styles and making it my own thing
Yea I can be both @RubiesandButterflies
Yvonne · 22-25, F
Why not wear both styles? The bohemian dresses are very pretty.
I like to mix different styles to create my own that is still modest and godly.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
You can be both. Why would you choose just one?
Your style choices and actions reflect who you are and there's nothing wrong with that.
And those who respect you, are your true friends, etc., will love, respect and accept you either way.
I know I would.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
@sirenofthesea It depends on on what your version of wild is. You can still be wild in some ways and still keep your Christian values and beliefs.
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@IM5688 I agree I dress modestly and my style is very hippie bohemian.
IM5688 · 61-69, M
@RubiesandButterflies Nothing wrong with that at all.
Mix them together
NickiHijab · F
You don't have to confine yourself to one if you don't want to
oldercanuck1 · 70-79, M
Be who you want to be and the person that makes you happy ,,,
You're very cute whichever you, you choose to do be. 😊
SlaveEt · 31-35, F
Why not just be you? All of you.
AlienFox · F
Those are clothes, not you.
onewithshoes · 22-25, F
Well, I don't think girls should go barefoot, so I guess that's a vote against the wild bohemian. 😐
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@onewithshoes you don't have to be barefoot to be bohemian.
onewithshoes · 22-25, F
Perhaps not, but bare feet are a typically, and almost iconic part of the look, and the girl in the pictures is barefoot.
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
i don't understand 🤔
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
I love your collages

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