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MIL in hospital

My MIL has been diagnosed with demetia. Shes in complete denial, refusing help and accusing everyone of trying to 'drive her twisty'.
My sister in law is over from the US and is staying with Mum. Mum has been being sick a lot last week, and yesterday she complained of chest pain and ended up in hospital.
Shes still there, having alsorts of tests.
Its her birthday today.... not quite the way she hoped to spend it. 馃槖
RubySoo56-60, F
Thanks everyone for yr kind words and support. She should be home tonight all being well.
SageWanderer70-79, M
I鈥檓 so sorry to hear this and know how frustrating it is for all involved. Denial and accusations are part of it unfortunately plus the confusion only adds to the diagnosis of illnesses. Positive vibes headed your way.
I am so sorry about your mother in law. Dementia is a horrible way to die. Knowing what is happening to you some of the time, and then not knowing anything at all.
Primnproper56-60, F
Oh I'm so sorry for you all, my older sister was diagnosed with alzheimers at 59, its always a shock and dreadful to deal with..
Awe such a hard time for all of you. 馃挄
RubySoo56-60, F
@Dusty101 but the problem is hun, im not around! Im at work, i dont drive and i cant be there to look after her. But, she doesnt want looking after and wont accept help from outside agencies.
Its so very hard.....
@RubySoo Ah it's a pity she won't accept outside would give peace of mind if she would take it. Must be hard on you all hon! 馃
RubySoo56-60, F
@Dusty101 it is....because theres only us here. X
I'm currently aiding a close uncle who has dementia. It's so sad to see. Stay strong
RubySoo56-60, F
@BridgeOvertroubledWaters thank you....and you x
Rutterman46-50, M
Very sorry to hear this. Certainly a difficult situation for all concerned.
Gangstress41-45, F
Love to you lot
Its a tough time xx stay strong hun
So sorry to hear. Good luck @RubySoo.
blackarcher25661-69, M
Sorry you鈥檙e going through this. Dementia is heartbreaking for everyone, the afflicted and the caregiver alike.
I鈥檓 so sorry. 馃ズ
RubySoo56-60, F
@bijouxbroussard thank you x
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Donotfolowme51-55, F

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