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Annoying venting post : I'm writing this for me you don't have to comment ..try to be positive about family gatherings on my side of the family

There is always someone who thinks I need "fixed" because they think their unwarranted advice is being " helpful " or that my house needs this or that or should have certain things ...which causes me to retreat and not want to be around them . This has been my entire life ...pretty much ...I don't need anything..I don't need to be fixed. This is who I am ...and I don't need validation from anyone of that . I know who I am ..I just need people to back off and stop trying to "fix " what isn't broken ...just because I'm not like them . Fucking family are pains in the asses ...overbearing and annoying...馃檮
.Happy Thanksgiving...
@Pinkstarburst Love ya too , my friend 鈾ワ笍
@Chernobylplaygrounds best comment, no?
Ducky31-35, F
I have an aunt I鈥檓 very estranged to now because she鈥檚 a Christian and I am in a same-sex marriage. I knew she never approved of my relationship, but I thought we were at a 鈥渓ive and let-live鈥漵tandpoint, but when she spoke up of her disapproval at my wedding, it was clear we were at a point of no return after that. I鈥檝e put her out of my life since then and as sad as it is, there is simply no compatibility and there never will be.

I don鈥檛 know your situation, but understand if it might not be so easy for you. But what I鈥檓 getting at here is that I understand what it鈥檚 like to have those who should be closest to you being judgmental and not accepting like they should be. I鈥檓 just sorry you have to go through that BS as well. But never forget there is no greater privilege than owning yourself.
@Ducky I'm just a married lady with a teenager...

The problem is my family only cares about status and being well to do and what comes with that ..I'm totally opposite of that . I have a job that doesn't come with certain privileges but the only privilege of what I do is I get to help special needs students. That for me is enough if a privilege. I don't care about making lots of money or status or accolades of any kind's never impressed me and never will . They win awards for inane things and want me to be impressed..
It gets tiresome . They never ask me about my job and what I do ..I'm very passionate about it and being used for doing good things in the world as much as I can ...that's my passion...everything else seems superficial and pointless...they don't seem to understand or care for that matter .....also ..fuck it ...I don't care anymore
Ducky31-35, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds I鈥檓 very sorry. And do you shouldn鈥檛. Fuck them. I wish there was an easier way you could fuck them off for good
YMITheWayIM41-45, M
Families are like that all over the planet. I smile back at such family members whenever I can.
@YMITheWayIM how nice
YMITheWayIM41-45, M
@Chernobylplaygrounds Thank you.

Sometimes, we have to smile at things we can't do anything about.
iamonfire69641-45, F
My family is not like this because they are a disaster. My husbands family is this way and I just want to tell them to STFU but I can鈥檛.

So I understand 馃┓

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