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What advice/lessons would you teach your kids or tell your younger self?

I’d love to hear them all, short or long.

I have a notebook with some quotes and whatnot I’ll share to this later :)

*editing to include my own*

I’d intended to add the quote and advice I’ve been keeping in a notebook for my kiddo when they’re older, but to has gone missing! I’m so sad about this, but, I’ll just have to start a new one I guess :P

Moving on, here goes!

1. Love is an action verb. Words are meaningless without actions proving their worth.
2. “Treat others the way they ought to be and you help them become what they ought to be” (I had a better quote regarding this, but this will do for now)
3. Perception is everything.
4. You’re known by the company you keep. You become like the top people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely, and choose those who inspire you and bring out your best you.
5. Don’t chase people. Be good to all, don’t be afraid to build new friendships or strengthen old ones…but don’t fret over those who don’t seem to reciprocate your feelings. Those who matter will show their worth over time and those who don’t are saving you from wasting energy and hurt feelings.
6. I can’t find the exact quote I loved, but something like this: “The mind is a powerful tool. You should practice self control or else it will control you” Basically, don’t just blurt whatever you’re thinking, be careful what you feed your mind, and focus on the positives.”
7. If you’re constantly thinking/looking for the negatives, that’s what you will see. If you’re looking for the positives, that’s what you will see.
8. Set boundaries and know your worth. Everything you allow someone to do/say to you, you are teaching them what is acceptable and they will test those limits. Know what you can and can’t tolerate, and hold firm to that.
9. Don’t constantly forgive someone for hurting you because you’re busy excusing their actions due to whatever may be causing those actions. You don’t want to spend your whole life excusing someone for hurting you because they were hurt. Surround yourself only with people who know how to treat you. Those who are broken need kindness yes, but they have to learn how to fix their selves…each time you make excuses for them, you’re enabling them to continue their bad actions.
10. Be able to respect the reflection that looks back at you in the mirror every day. If you do something that makes you feel guilty/ashamed, you shouldn’t be doing it. If it can hurt you or others, you shouldn’t be doing it. Be proud of who you are because you know you do right by yourself and others.
11. Invest in land/properties. It’s the one thing there will never be more of. Save your money early in your life so you can enjoy freedom and self reliance by your 30’s.
12. Explore and have all the adventures, with or without others. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
13. Never waste your breath defending your reputation. Live respectably and it will be known in the long run. Anyone who doubts you or slanders your name is doing you a favour by weeding their self from your life.
14. Do acts of kindness with no expectation of getting anything in return. Don’t focus on what others can do for you, but on what you can do for them.
15. Be ambitious, but never lose sight of what is truly important. A life alone is lonely. Stay in touch with friends and family and show you care about their lives. Don’t just keep people around to have someone to do something with. Maintain an actual relationship.

I’m sure I could think of more, but those are the ones of the top of my head!
JesseInTX · 51-55, M
The biggest thing I taught my kids is respect for others. Doesn’t mean you have to take sh*T from them, but you show respect until it’s not reciprocated. Second is there’s no such thing as a dirty fight.

If you show respect first, no need to fight unless they can’t respond with respect as well.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
To have empathy and compassion. How to own one's mistakes.
Model apologizing without manipulative intent and owning one's mistakes. Mindfulness. Respect for others and oneself. Integrity. Setting and upholding boundaries. Letting go. How to approach strange dogs. How to train a dog.
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Be nice to people
Read as much as you can
Try to empathize
Try to understand
There are no absolutes (except this statement)
Accept chaos, just go with it it always works ok
There are all kinds of love they all rule!
They learn from us whether we like it or not. Specific advice is only half of it, if that.

Just try to love them. Show it, Say it.
whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@SW-User Isn’t that the truth! I was just thinking earlier today that I should ask what people have unintentionally taught their children 😬
BigBulge · 41-45, M
Give your kids encouragement. Tell them how proud you are. Give them lots of hugs.
@BigBulge Praise them for their work & effort though, not for "being smart."
My truth is only true for me based on my current understanding and perception and subject to change as my understanding and perception does.
@DarkHeaven that's relativism - don't you want to add some caveats?
@Roundandroundwego sure. but for the most part, this is good advice. there’s always some caveats, though.
Enjoy it, same advice I gave an old friend today. Lots of other stuff that matters you'll learn as you go.

Do what you know is right even(especially) if no one else is

Who cares what they think
GLaDOS · 100+
I would encourage them to participate in some pretesting chambers. Cognitive development is important for humans to reach higher tiers of my testing facility
PhilDeep · 46-50, M
Understand your relationship with your parents better. Most likely it will affect every other relationship in your life, including yours with yourself.
whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@PhilDeep isn’t that a huge truth…
skybubble20 · 56-60, F
Becoming a person of integrity is important and when you are true to yourself, you don’t have to compromise or make up lying about things in life.
@skybubble20 well said
luckranger71 · 51-55, M
Aside from the usual stuff (work hard, save $) I always tell them to be gentle with themselves. So far so good with them.
Just go to school being there will get you a Highschool diploma and life without one is tough.
You’re gonna fail. Not only is it okay, it’s to be expected. Life is about how you get back up… and what you do next.
Xalvadora · 18-21, F
I would tell myself that being a bad child won't get you nowhere in life.
Don’t run from who you are. It won’t save you, it will only limit what you can do.
pride49 · 26-30, M
Get out of bed. It's hard to find a good medea clip
Tres13 · 51-55, M
If another kid hits you Unleah Hell on them
Iwillwait · M
Save 30% of your income and invest it.
eventtemple123 · 18-21, M
The things you enjoy actually come first. If you are stressed, tired, and unhappy, you will never put in your best effort. Also, pick your activities/hobbies by trying everything and only sticking with your favorites, but it's also ok to return to an old one.
wonkywinky · 51-55, M
Never trust a woman.
@wonkywinky kids would be onto you.
Save your money fool.
My younger self and current self needs a slap.
whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@NotSureAboutMyUserName Better get it together then!
@whisperingwillow it's hard,but I am taking measures.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
I would love by example.

Kids don't do what you say. They do what you do.
Fertilization · 36-40, F
Share those quotes
Would love to know.
whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@Fertilization Aw man! We recently moved. I looked everywhere for that little notebook yesterday and I can’t find it anywhere!! I’ve been adding to it for years. :(
Foodie60 · 31-35, M
Best ever lessons I could give to anyone 👍👍👍
Americans are no damn good and there's nothing we can do about them.
Bang5luts · M
Do not trust people.
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whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@Stereoguy 100%
empanadas · 31-35, M
Learn to invest in foreign properties over American ones. Collect as many citizenships as possible
whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@empanadas interesting one….how does that work out?
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whisperingwillow · 36-40, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds Set a good example, teach by example, and hope for the best
@whisperingwillow yes of course

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