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I unlocked a memory from I think 10th grade I completely forgot about.

I think it was 10th grade but it may have been 11th grade. I got high last night and it just bubbled up to the surface and was stunned I even kept it with me for as long as I have. I was in woodshop class, a class I genuinely loved, and I remember being picked on by this group of guys. I don't even remember what started the whole conversation but I do remember them asking me inappropriate questions. I remember them asking me if my dad touched me or did things to me and I can remember being floored. My dad was hardly ever home because he worked a ton and he never did anything of the sort. Everytime I'd fight back they would laugh and say oh did we hit a nerve. I can't remember what other inappropriate things were asked of me but I remember that clear as day. I just remember heat rising up in my face and feeling very uncomfortable and embarrassed. I never said anything to anyone because the last thing I wanted was to make my life any harder than it was in that place.

To this day my parents do NOT know the extent of just how bullied I was growing up. They don't know what I dealt with everyday. They didn't even know that I hoarded my lunch money and never ate in the cafeteria the entirety of highschool. I was given $20 every single week and I sat on top of it all like a gold hoarding dragon. I graduated in 2006 and had amassed a nice nest egg by the time I got my diploma.
Daniel365darkblade · 31-35, M
Similar happened to me when a year ago I unlocked memories from my early childhood when I was 6 years old and everything happened for the reason that I am under mental stress and the trauma that I carry all my life is from that year...its all fucked up, couse of it no one from my family speaks with me
Crimsondrops · 36-40, M
@Daniel365darkblade It's the absolute worst.
I used to save my bus and lunch money for spending money.
Crimsondrops · 36-40, M
@Spoiledbrat Made summer vacation a lot more fun.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
It's weird, school was a long time ago and yet the bullying still hurts... Turned out most of them were only into bullying and beating people up, when they were with their friends. They were to cowardly to fight one on one. I kind of felt bad, but every time I came across one of them, I'd give them a hiding... Beating up my bullies didn't make me feel better though.
Crimsondrops · 36-40, M
@Thevy29 It's crazy how it was so long ago but when I think about it now at 36 I'm right back in that classroom, right back in that desk and I feel exactly how I felt then. I can still feel it. You're not wrong about the gang mentality, only strong in numbers but weak on their own. If I could go back in time through a portal or something I'd make them eat their words.
Longpatrol · 31-35, M
I was bullied badly too. I still tense up when I pass by a group of people laughing. I think it's some form of PTSD that we all get because this shit lasts years

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