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Oh how life goes!!!

Grosssss. Just was washing a few dishes when I lifted a bowl and a giant drop of dirty food water splashed right up on my MOUTH!!! 馃槙馃槱馃あ It went a bit on my face too but REALLY , bowl? You knew JUST where my mouth was and couldn't splash on my neck or shirt???
Ickkkk. Lol.
The only reason I am hypervigilant is a puppy once licked my mouth and while I did wash it, obviously missed probably a fraction of it , because 2 days later I got a infection in my throat..even caused it to close up. Very scary. 馃槩 I just washed my mouth like 7 times. This ever happen to you?
MaliaAgain36-40, F
Ive ate a bug when riding a bike
@MaliaAgain Been there. Lol
Dethmoore31-35, M
Usually just some dirty dish water that splash in my face or eyes. I keep my mouth closed when washing dishes. Once, I was cleaning the kitchen sink with bleach powder and water, then a drop of that splashed in my eye. I quickly wiped some water over it. It was at a volunteer kitchen, so I didn鈥檛 want to make it awkward to run my eye under water with people watching.
Coralmist41-45, F
@Dethmoore My mouth was closed..splashed on my lips and in the middle. I am just hypervigilant because of what happened before with the puppy lick germs. Hopefully it will be ok as the water wasnt sitting too long and a dog mouth has many germs.
Dethmoore31-35, M
@Coralmist you鈥檒l be fine. Water diluted the germs, so a splash to the lips shouldn鈥檛 be harmful. People even make out with their dogs. That infection was probably because of an open wound or something? As long as you don鈥檛 have open sores on your lips, you鈥檙e fine.
GovanDUNNY36-40, M
If it was dishwater from a meal just ate ,I wouldnt worry : but if the other guest start vomiting, seek medical advice. You'll be fine Michelle
No, i am not in the habit of eating dirty dish water. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Coralmist41-45, F
@Sojournersoul You never had it splash up on your mouth? It happened once few years ago as well. Lucky then 馃槱
@NinaTina How does that taste? 馃榿馃榿馃榿
@Coralmist Just on my shirt.
Nayla51-55, F
I鈥檓 sorry that happened you! It has happened to me too lol
The splash and mess yes, but I never got an infection.
NinaTina26-30, F
Yes but with a spoon
@NinaTina You spoon it out of the sink? 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Coralmist41-45, F
@NinaTina Oh i mean did you rinse your mouth with soap after?
NinaTina26-30, F
@Coralmist mouth wash

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