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Been too serious. Time for silly...

This is the story of why there's only 10 commandments instead of 20...

So after me and my brother knocked Moses out with the 20 commandments because we wanted to read them first there was only 15 left to read... We didn't realise The Rock would be that fragile, he was there, we asked him "knock out Moses for us" but he was all like "nah, he's a Bible guy. I'm not knocking out God's messanger" so we pushed him off the mountain, he's fine - you seen him. Anyway then we got into an argument because we both wanted to read them, in the scuffle we dropped the stupid thing... "Why didn't God use paper, he's God?"... "Maybe Moses wrote them himself" 🤭🤫🤷‍♀️

So anyway we dropped them and then only 10 were readable and we legged it, picked up The Rock and went to visit Baron Von Blixen.

And that was far more interesting than my actual day 😂
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