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Grabbed the wrong order ...

Have you ever grabbed an online order from the To-Go shelf in a restaurant and once you got home realized it wasn't yours?

The order had my first name, and I later discovered a different last name. Of course I can't take it back, but I had my heart set on what I ordered. Darn it!
accidentprone · 26-30, M
I used to be the GM of a very busy Deli, and we had to give ticket numbers to the customers, and then verify them to be accurate to the order we were handing out. They really would not listen to the numbers, they would just grab whatever order came after the person in front of them.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
smiler2012 · 56-60
@DreamyCrush 🤔lol somebody else is going too be disappointed too but at the end of it all did you enjoy the food you got my mistake
@smiler2012 Not really. I was craving what I ordered, so having to settle, plus the disappointment of swiping the wrong bag didn't result in an enjoyable experience. 😑
iamnikki · 31-35, F
What did you order and what did you end up with? Lol
@iamnikki I ordered an Italian sub.
I ended up with a steak and cheese. 😑
iamnikki · 31-35, F
@DreamyCrush sounds good to me 😋
Chris48mt · 61-69, M
Never heard of a To-Go shelf in a restaurant.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
But have received the wrong order from a restaurant.
NinaTina · 26-30, F
You can take it back and tell them, i would
Workerbee · 31-35, M
Hmm can’t say that I have usually when I go pickup food the cashier will immediately hand it to me
Workerbee · 31-35, M
@DreamyCrush I think pickup orders should be behind the counter it’s too easy for random people to take whatever order they want
@Workerbee I agree. It was an honest mistake though. I was not pleased with the mystery order I ended up with.
Workerbee · 31-35, M
@DreamyCrush no I know yours was a mistake but I was speaking generally; too many dishonest people out there
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