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Have you ever threatened someone with physical harm for the sake of your dog or cat?

AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
I have for a cow.

And I would for any of my critters.

When I was a little girl someone hit my old dog and I called 911. They were mad lol
@AlchemyFox What was someone going to do to your cow? 😲
AlchemyFox · 36-40, F
@PhoenixPhail I worked on a dairy farm and they were abusing the cattle. Stabbing them and kicking them. One of the jerks drew his fist back to punch a cow that kicked him (because they didn't like him), and I told him if he hit the cow I'd knock him flat on his ass.

I ended up quitting and they fired that guy so I would come back.
@AlchemyFox It's only a coward who would abuse ANY animal. [i]It's just not acceptable, [b]EVER![/b][/i]

I'm glad you maintained your integrity, and that the people you worked for saw the truth about that guy and took appropriate action. It's great they saw the value they had in you. 👍

AND!, I'm glad the cattle don't have to take any more abuse from that [b]jerk.[/b] 😤 (I'm not one for judging. But in this case, I'll make an exception. There's just no excuse for what he did.)
4meAndyou · F
No. I have had to HOLD my little tiny dog VERY tightly in my arms to prevent him from attacking a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses, but I have never had to defend my dogs...except from another dog, once.
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
Never witness it but, I been attacked by Neighbor Dogs while I just stood there lifting up a pitbull gripping his bite on my wrist. Stare him right in the eyes with a serious look.

I walk up to their door as they open it. They were shocked as they hit their pitball trying to let go my wrist. I didn't say much and I didn't really care.
icedsky · 51-55, M
My hounds can take care of themselves pretty well.
Once and it wasn’t enough 😔
No. I’ve never had to.
No, but I would.
TexChik · F
Yep I have 🤨
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
@TexChik Some people need it.
carpediem · 61-69, M
No, but my dog threatened someone viciously with physical harm for my sake.
you come into my yard. kick my dog and call him 'fuckoff'

why for you do that?..
I've never threatened anyone with physical harm for [i]any[/i] reason.
Never, there was a time in the past when someone punched my window because both of my cats were staring at him (he was a weirdo by the way) an they wouldn't come out from under the bed for over 12 hours. Another cat in the neighbourhood ha a large laceration on his head that required veterinary treatment only weeks apart. Obviously after what had happened, I did wonder if the guy had done it.
SamInAZ · 41-45, M

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