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Once I'm done with this finallllll exam, I will enrol in

1. DBT
2. Neurolinguistic programming

I'm really looking forward to it. There's still hope.

I've always been "pretty" but never "charismatic", so no one ever stays. The world is all about building connections, you gotta market yourself. I'm gonna learn how to do that with NLP.
And one day, I'll make it out of here to a better town. A better place. As a better person. And I'll never have to look back. iA.
Raaii · 18-21, F
best of luck to you 🙇‍♀️

I'm sorry but I feel like asking
what's your profession?
are you a doctor?
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@Raaii yes. Still in training. I'm on the verge of quitting and I don't want to. Because it took me so many years of hard work to get where I am...over a decade of consistent hustling.... I can't just quit because of a broken brain. Need to fix myself so I can fix other people. Don't you think?
Raaii · 18-21, F
@assemblingaknob I respect you and now I respect you even more 🙇‍♀️
The amount of mental and physical work one has to do in ths field is just too much and you're really a strong person (⁠´⁠ε⁠`⁠⁠)
quitting is an option as long as you want to but no
you're already on the verge of success so I wish you bestest of luck
Stay strong
It'll get better soon
And you're really an inspiration to me 🍀
And I know for sure tht you're a very kind and sympathetic doctor
ofcourse you're a life saver ❤️‍🩹
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
Iv heard good things about DBT
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@GuyWithOpinions yaaayyyyyy to a healthier lifestyle
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@SomeMichGuy Donuts with Buttered Toasts
@assemblingaknob I was serious...borrowing from Hegel, huh?
Well, to have an effective form of psychotherapy is a very good thing (since Freud's version didn't result im cures for most patients).

This seems like one of the few borrowings from unrelated fields which had yielded real, useful results. 😊
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25

Why does that sound so tough!!! 👀
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@Iwantyourhotwife it sounds tough because it's gonna cost a lot of $$$ 😩 gimme monies papi
NinaTina · 26-30, F
You have a start as your building a door
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@NinaTina yes!!! I build a door yaaayyyy

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