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Is Fauci a virologist, or a political scientist?

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Political scientist
They took everything and blamed covid
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Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
It's good we have people that do research and keep researching to prevent us from getting more sick.
We've beat so many illnesses and diseases we'd be now where without there knowledge.

It's shocking that even in this day and age people still don't wash their hands properly.
Some don't even use soap. They think wetting their finger tips for 10secs is enough.
Some snort their snot in the street instead of using a tissue or handkerchief.

People sneeze without covering their mouths.

I'm glad there are people out there that try when basic manners and courtesy for others goes down the pan!
@Mellowgirl no thank you, keep your trash away for my health
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@checkoutanytime I think this is right up your street
@Mellowgirl i dont go any where near filthy doctors that line their pockets by deciet and big pharmaceutical incentives.
He’s just like every appointed position..
yesman for the elite
TexChik · F
He is a corrupt POS. He is the world's leading authority on HIV. HIV is a mutated animal virus. He is the world's leading authority on Covid, a mutate animal virus with HIV components that he manufactured and owns patents on. He is now warning about "Monkey Pox" , another mutated animal virus. None of these viruses existed before Fauci hit the CDC. Anyone else see a pattern here?
MarineBob · 56-60, M
poster child for mandatory retirement
4meAndyou · F
Neither. He is just a politician at this point. He sells his opinions to the highest bidder.
@4meAndyou much of his opinion does seem counter to natural science 🤔
4meAndyou · F
@checkoutanytime He is told what the government wants him to say. The teachers unions actually got a designer Fauci-istic educational request for lockdown schooling regulations that seriously harmed ALL of our children...on demand.
@4meAndyou save the children!
Carissimi · 61-69, F
He’s a monster. Funding sand flies eating Beagles faces alive.
If only he got a dollar for every time someone wrote a post about him.
@TheLustyLord hed probably have a lot less money, good point. Google can not be trusted for historical accuracy.
He's old but not poor like dead me will be.
You are right!
This message was deleted by its author.
@checkoutanytime I see.
Your true source is a conspiracy theory video with a lot of stuff from a century ago. And you refuse to share any links to that.
@ElwoodBlues its actually produced by a group that calls themselves:
, and its more of a refresher of my prior studies on eugenics, nazisisim, and the liberal world order.
@checkoutanytime And therefore, because of that name, the video can't be riddled with conspiracy theories?

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