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Would you date someone who have been with 20+ people?

Poll - Total Votes: 33
Yes (i'm a woman)
No (i'm a woman)
Yes (i'm a man)
No (i'm a man)
Um.. i'm not sure about this
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Queendragonfly31-35, F
It depends on their age. If I met a teen guy when I was a teen who's been with 20+ people then I would probably notice that he has commitment issues 馃槀
exexec61-69, C
I never asked for a count of partners.
Matt8536-40, M
I don't think I want a professional slut but you know what they say; beggars can't be choosers.
zonavar6851-55, M
It's very unrealistic at my age to presume any woman I date has not had a mix of good and bad relationship and sex experiences with numerous people. I'm odd in a way as I've dated probably 6 people in my adult life and only had two big relationships.

My last partner had been with plenty and since I left her I know she's had at least one more.
Im soo freaking selfish... I wouldnt want my girl to have ever even slept with not even one person... Then There are other kinds of people that dont care about how many people they slep with. as long as theyre clean of stds... Most people are this way i think. im not tho.. I just cant haha theres a primitive feeling deep down that tells me my woman cant have slept with a single person. i might still hit tho but only if she begged me.. But i wont chase them.. Might only chase a girl who hasnt slep with anyone. I mean irl not online. It doesnt really matter online much unless youll meet them but usually nobody does that haha too scary.
@Solidstate what you described is not selfish at all dude. It's completely normal
Rainandforest22-25, F
@Solidstate but what about you? Have you ever sleep with anyone?
@Rainandforest oh.. Haha. Well since you ask ill tell you sometime. But nobody ever asked me that before i dont think. Good question tho.
At my age and in current days, I can't imagine many people who haven't slept with minimum of 20+ people
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
None of my business. No judgment if she wants to share. I have a history too.
zonavar6851-55, M
@Crazywaterspring we all have baggage and past history. Most embrace it but plenty try to pretend it doesn't exist.
All at the same time? I'd have to think about it, even if I was one of the people...
thisguy2041-45, M
I'd be shocked if I met someone who has been with less than 20 people
In a single day? Separate or one big orgy?
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
Just be sure they're healthy and don't have 20 kids.

With a small, small chance
hunkalove61-69, M
If she has a cute butt.
That does put me off
[image deleted]
ServantOfTheGoddess61-69, M
I've been with one person that I know for sure had been with 20+ people and she was an extremely exciting lover.
Torsten36-40, M
i dont really care about someones dating history. Its the past. it dont concern me in the slightest
Sure i would. Their past is none of my business.
I'd smash but never commit.
DDonde31-35, M

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