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I Am a Real Vampire

Not a vampire, but a mage.

I am tired of seeing people say they are "psychic" vampires. If you claim you are a psychic vampire, you are not a real vampire.

If you claim to be able to turn someone or to have been turned, chances are you aren't a real vampire (while turning may be possible, I have yet to see any reason to believe modern vampires have retained this ability).

If you claim to have been turned by biting someone or having been bitten by a vampire, then you are not a vampire. Saliva does not transmit vampirism, if it did then EVERYONE that vampires (when they mostly retained this ability) fed on would have turned. This obviously never happened, and so even if you somehow have retained the ability to turn people, a bite will not do it.
[quote]If you claim you are a psychic vampire, you are not a real vampire.[/quote]
Oh, REALLY...?
Starfire111 · 26-30, F
I'm impressed. You actually know a bit about my kind. Silly though, if you truly know about my species then you know we are not called vampires. Drives me crazy when humans say vampires.
@Starfire111 I have often wondered if it is not terrible to play only one role in society. Must be tough and actually that is not fair. It would probably not be so bad to start your old legacy, because a little bit of foresight and ingenuity would do some good for guidance. I speak for myself because I do not mind learning. I myself am a seeker and know one thing for sure: as it is now on the planet, it can not go on. Not all people despise you or call you monsters. I hope you do not think I'm disrespectful. Here in Germany it is evening and therefore I wish you a nice evening.
@Starfire111 You're right, I think there are different species. With the mud flood and displacement and false history, they may have been scattered everywhere. So that one thinks they are little. I believe you because I saw it with the glowing hands. And yes: what is channeling? Telepathy.
@Starfire111 I saw a men who catch a snow ball with his mouth. I know what you mean....true
Aidan · 26-30
so is vampirism in your definition some sort of magical ability?
Aidan · 26-30
@TheMorningsStar interesting
@TheMorningsStar Well it's actually common knowledge in things genetics. If the genes were not already present in the mattress then it can not work. With us in Germany one has a proverb: from shit you can not make a sweet. Should be joking
@Aidan yes, I understand it this way: telepathy and hypnosis can also make you perform a dance by letting the magician do that
badass · 18-21, M
I'm a real vampire[image]
TheMorningsStar · 26-30, M

Oh wow, you can use Google images as well? Colour me impressed...
@badass @badass der Zahnstein an der Seite der Fangzähne sieht natürlich aus (nicht böse sein) und auch sonst sehr gut gepflegte Zähne. Auch die Zunge ist frei von Pilzen. Das setzt sehr sauberes und gesundes Blut voraus. :-))
Hm ... I could imagine the highest in the form of berserker or rabies. But only by a bite ... rather unlikely. If my cat bites me I might get parasites but I will not become a cat ...
Charisma · F
So you're saying you can turn someone?
TheMorningsStar · 26-30, M
Ya, they were full of shit. At least they weren't one of the "meet up with me and I will turn you" types. NEVER meet with someone that says they can turn you.
sighmeupforthat · 46-50, M
@Charisma lmfao!

Charisma · F
sighmeupforthat · 46-50, M

oooooooooookay, time to move out of your aunts basement and get some fresh air and exposure to other humanoids.
sighmeupforthat · 46-50, M
i minored in sociology and this would just be too humorous to even bother with a thesis.
is logical and there is nothing more compelling than the logic

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