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Hamas could save the Palestinians by handing over the hostages. But they won’t because they don’t care, so the bombs will continue to fall.

GlitterEater · 36-40, F
Do you always do what Hamas wants you to?
@GlitterEater The loosing position in a conversation always resorts to insults.

How unimaginative.
GlitterEater · 36-40, F
@blokeinpub Waiting...
@GlitterEater You’re going to be waiting a long time. Get comfortable.

I wonder how many more Palestinians will die while you wait…
TexChik · F
Hamas doesn't care about Palestine. Why else do they have so many tunnels that lead out of there? The hostages? They are likely all dead. Nothing like murdering innocent women and children to make you feel like a real man, eh? Hamas is going to be ducking the Mossad for quite a long time.
Those Jews during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising didn't care about the other Jews that would be killed in reprisals from The Nazis either. Some people are so selfish, amrite?
@Ozymandiaz You got raggy with him because he’s a Brit and ex army or something.You mentioned you was Irish. That’s about all I remember.

The only fat guy I know on here is that shadowfire crow guy.
@blokeinpub Fair enough 😂
@Ozymandiaz C’mon who’s the fat guy? 😂
eMortal · M
They won’t release hostages. They don’t care how many innocent Palestinians die. Remember, their request is for Israel to release 6000 Palestinians political prisoners.
Puppycat23 · F
Tbh if arab countries would stop funding Hamas, hamas would have no choice but to hand over any hostages they had left.
Bumbles · 51-55, M
Don’t worry, it’s all still Israel’s fault. 🙄
GlitterEater · 36-40, F
@Bumbles [quote]Not sure I get how I’m pretending to not be a war hawk? You have an interesting way of expressing yourself.[/quote]

You know exactly what I am talking about, lying coward.

[quote]Yikes, what’s with the personal stuff?[/quote]

You're a disgusting person.
@Bumbles He does that. You either agree or you get insulted.
Bumbles · 51-55, M
@blokeinpub It’s quite hostile! Lol.

It’s like a homeless person screaming at you. 😱
smiler2012 · 56-60
@blokeinpub😞 this whole situation is spiralling out of control and it disappoints really.what is going to have too happen before some country with clout comes up with a peaceful solution and stop israels merciless slaughter in palestine of innocent people
sad truth is..
a ceasefire would allow hamas an escape route and find harbor in the storm.
to only return and continue the shenanigans.

lets end this once and for all..

and this is in no way an endorsement of israel.
They've said they want this war to grow and the losses experienced are acceptable. Imagine that being said by the people you elected to lead and protect you.
@SooperSarah That sentiment hasn’t been voiced since Joseph Goebbels shot himself.
The British would be better placed worrying about their own problems.
@HootyTheNightOwl I live and work in Britain. I’m not British.

Go again.
@blokeinpub That's great to know that you feel so secure that you don't need to worry about what is going on around you.

Just remember that they're deporting them today - and it could be you tomorrow.
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cerealguy · 26-30, M
So what happens to the hostages?

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